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Why You Should Visit Foodhallen Amsterdam – Foodhallen De Hallen Amsterdam

Every time we visit Amsterdam we always make sure we visit the Amsterdam foodhallen and that’s for a number of reasons, not just because we enjoy a nice little walk there!

Foodhallen Amsterdam west is one of the biggest places I know of in Amsterdam full of food stalls from all backgrounds. You can find anything you want to eat there, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and more!

There are loads of places to get Amsterdam food, maybe you’re looking for vegan food in Amsterdam so in that case, check out these vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.

As for, is Amsterdam foodhallen vegan? You will find some vegan food but don’t go there just for vegan food.

Amsterdam Fast Food

If you’re looking for an Amsterdam food guide and fast food in Amsterdam, foodhallen is the place to go. The food is quicker than Mcdonalds and tastes 100% better, you can also watch it all being made in front of you.

Amsterdam food prices at the foodhallen are pretty much standard with what you’d find all around the Netherlands, I wouldn’t say it’s much more expensive just because it’s Amsterdam artisan food, however, I don’t mind paying a little extra as the food is very nice.

If you do an Amsterdam food tour they will most likely take you to this place, however, I would rather go alone and that way you have time to explore and try more food!

Foodhallen Amsterdam Desserts

Amsterdam Card Only Restaurants

One thing I will say is that Amsterdam is cash free or at least they’re trying to be. When we first visited we found out foodhallen is card only. They will only accept card and not cash so keep that in mind before you visit.

Amsterdam foodhallen is located in the Amsterdam De Hallen, which also hosts a number of shops and other tourist attractions, which means it’s a day out and a bite to eat. You can find out more about De Hallen through this iAmsterdam post.

Foodhallen is becoming one of the most popular Amsterdam eateries year upon year, a great place for tourists and locals alike as the food is so good!

Foodhallen Restaurants

At current there are a handful of amazing Amsterdam restaurants located in De Hallen Foodhallen, these can change at any time however but below is a list of what I found.

De Ballen Bar – Homemade bitterballen (Dutch meatballs) run by Michelin star chef Peter Gast
Viet View – Vietnamese street food
Dim Sum Thing – Cantonese dumplings
Jabugo – Spanish deli featuring Iberico ham
Basque barra de Pintxos – Tapas-style skewered snacks from the Basque country
Bulls and Dogs – Gourmet hot dogs – We have tried these (very nice!)
The Butcher – The Amsterdam gourmet burger bar has a stall at Foodhallen
Shirkhan – Mumbai street food grilled or cooked – We have tried these (Great wraps!)
Maza – Mediterranean food such as hummus and mezze plates
Meneer Temaki – Freshly prepared Japanese sushi
Le Big Fish – Seafood bar
The Rough Kitchen – Slow cooked pork dishes
Entrecôte Mobile – Steak sandwiches
Renato’s – Italian pizza stall
Fento – Mexican inspired dishes. These are vegan friendly and gluten-free options

Foodhallen Events

One of the great things about foodhallen is that you can rent it out as an event space, so if you’re holding big Amsterdam events, this would be one place you could do it.

I think it’s an amazing place to hold an event, maybe an Amsterdam wedding reception or just a big blow out birthday party! You’ll have something for everyone and it’s a nice, relaxing atmosphere.

Foodhallen Food Stand Renting

You can rent your own space at the Amsterdam foodhallen, that being said it is very difficult to do this. They only take the best of the best and you need to back it up with a whole host of evidence before you even pass the taste test.

They only let in the best and if they’ve already got one hotdog stall, they’re unlikely to want another so keep in mind what you offer and if you can offer anything to this location that they don’t already have.

Foodhallen Amsterdam Tour

We’ve been a couple of times now, we shot a tour video years ago which you can check out below. Thanks to 2020/2021 being tough years for travelling we’ve been unable to update this but rest assured there will be a foodhallen tour update soon!

In the meantime check out the one below, like and subscribe to our YouTube and let me know what you love about foodhallen and if you have a foodhallen review you want heard!

Amsterdam Hidden Gems

With it’s increasing popularity I wouldn’t say this is so much of an Amsterdam hidden gem anymore as so many people know about it. That being said it isn’t in the town centre and I would say it’s a little bit hidden!

There are loads of hidden gems in Amsterdam though and we’re lucky to have found some in our time and if you like museums I’d suggest checking out these Small Amsterdam Museums To Visit and have some fine with the amazing Amsterdam culture!

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