Where To Get A Tattoo In Bournemouth - Best Bournemouth Tattooists?

Where To Get A Tattoo In Bournemouth – Best Bournemouth Tattooists?

If you’re looking to get a tattoo in Bournemouth then you might be typing Bournemouth tattoo places into google and finding loads of results that really don’t help all that much, trust me I’ve been in that position myself.

When it comes to tattooists in Bournemouth, there’s a lot to pick from. One thing I will suggest when it comes to tattoo advice, make sure you know what you want before you commit to anything. We both have tattoos, different styles and have used different Bournemouth tattoo parlours.

I will point out that there are quite a few Bournemouth tattoo shops out there, you could say that people are spoilt for choice when having a tattoo in Bournemouth but I think too many is a bad thing and it’s difficult to narrow down the good ones and discard the terrible ones! When it comes to getting ink, reputation is key!

If you type Bournemouth tattoo studios into google you’ll get a load of findings but not all of them are what they seem to be. You might have the worst place jump up to the top because they have 2 good reviews on google and that’s why they’re top, although one of the best tattooists in Bournemouth might have no google reviews and not show up at all!

I’m going to go through my favourite Bournemouth tattooists, ones that I’ve used and why I’d recommend them and then talk about a few others which I’ve heard great things about, like I said earlier reputation is key. I won’t talk about any to avoid, mainly because I don’t know any and secondly if I’ve not been to a place, I’m not going to slander it without first hand knowledge.

Where To Get A Tattoo In Bournemouth - Best Bournemouth Tattooists?
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The Best Tattoo Places In Bournemouth

Now I won’t get into heavy detail in this post because no one wants to hear about the different ink pen things they use, I don’t even know myself. I do however know a good tattoo when I see one and I can identify good people.

When I say good people, I mean great tattooists that will have you feeling relaxed, ready for a tattoo and calm through the whole thing. Also remember, if someone tells you having a tattoo doesn’t hurt, they’re telling lies!

Here’s my list of tattoo shops in Bournemouth and what I really think about them, these are my opinions and if you have a bad tattoo somewhere that I suggested, I’m very sorry but you can’t sue me!

The Rising Tide Tattoo Collective – The Rising Tide Bournemouth

There’s a reason that the rising tide is first on the list, I’ve now had a tattoo here three times and Matt’s had one done there twice. The first thing you will see on their website is “Award winning” and the whole place just screams YES!

They have several amazing tattoo artists who work there, I won’t name favourites (tattoo Tom) but I can say they’re all equally very talented. They also have guest tattooists from time to time who will do pop up shops for lack of a better saying. They also have over 180 amazing reviews on Google, need I say more?

The artists here will have you feeling comfortable and relaxed through your entire tattoo journey. They have incredible artwork displayed in their shop, cool music, a TV for distraction and everyone is friendly and will talk to you or equally leave you alone if you take headphones.

When I had my leg sleeve started I almost fainted, could hardly stand up and felt like I was going to throw up (even though it wasn’t my first tattoo!) I was made to feel relaxed, calm and spoken to with dignity and respect until I had calmed down, not the attitude you find in some places!

Bournemouth Ink – Tattoo Lounge

Bournemouth ink tattoo parlour is the first place that I got a tattoo and it was actually on my Birthday, I think I booked it the same day as well. Which already tells you that they’re fine with last minute walk ins if they have the space available.

Bournemouth ink reviews are heavy on google and Facebook but I think I’ll give my honest opinion here. It’s a small tattoo shop, that being said it’s a friendly space. The areas are very secluded so if you want to cry during your tattoo, not many people will see you.

They have over 165 Google reviews as well, mostly saying amazing things so you know it’s going to be decent there.

When it comes to cheap Bournemouth tattooists, this place is pretty decent when it comes to price and they still deliver amazing artwork on a budget.

White Flame Tattoo Studio

I will say right now that I have never used or even entered the white flame tattoo studio. That being said I have a friend who has had amazing work done there and some of the tattoos I’ve seen are just divine.

The tattoos they produce are top quality and don’t cost the earth either. I hate it when I find a decent tattooist and they cost hundreds for 2 hours of work! The white flame tattoo shop is one to check out if you don’t have a huge budget.

They aren’t open all week so you might have to book in advance but that shouldn’t bother you if you’re going to get great tattoos in the long run! Check out their 65+ reviews on Google and judge for yourself!

Local Bournemouth Tattoo Shops

If you’re looking for local Dorset tattoo studios you’ve come to the right place. Above are some of my favourite tattoo parlours and a couple that I’ve heard amazing things about.

I will say that before you go spending your money on a tattoo, make sure you have done your research, below is a small list of things you need to be looking out for!

  • Research the tattoo studio, are they any good, have they had great or poor reviews?
  • Research the tattooist, have they had anyone write about them, have they won awards? (they’re putting something permanent on you, make sure you like them and the sound of the person first!).
  • Pricing, make sure you’re not being ripped off, ask around for prices and see what’s the best. Remember just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’ll be bad and just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s going to be amazing!
  • Finally, make sure you’re happy with the tattoo, you might have a vision in your head but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the same as the tattooists doing the work. Confirm everything with them first and if you don’t like it, tell them!

They’re my top tips for having a tattoo. I would say don’t rush into anything but the one on my cheast I designed with the tattooist the day before I got it done and booked everything the day before, so something spur of the moment isn’t a bad thing!

If you’ve had a tattoo in Bournemouth by someone different, let me know what you thought in the comments or just let me know if you agree with me, I’d love to hear from you!

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