Wales Comic Con April 2018 ~ The Review

Wales Comic Con April 2018 ~ The Review

Wales comic con seems to be a yearly event for us. Although last Christmas we were unable to go, we intended to make up for it in 2018! To really enjoy the whole event we managed to get press passes and I have to say the the weekend was epic! Let’s not skip ahead of ourselves though! You’re going to want to know about the awesome cos players, the fantastic guests that attended and the many, many stalls right? Let’s not forget the weather, did it rain or was it sunny like last year?

So before I get started, it was nice to see that some people took notice of my Comic Con essentials post, a guide that everyone needs at every single convention; so go check that out! We arrived nice an early, eager as always to see a huge queue! I mean huge, bigger than previous years and it just goes to show that you want to purchase tickets early because you might miss out!

So thankfully the weather held up as well, I saw a couple of prepared people with umbrellas and to tell the truth I had one stashed away also. It was good to see most people following the rules, no huge suitcases and didn’t mind random checks. After all you can never be too safe and it was nice to see Wales comic con taking safety serious when I’ve seen other cons fail!

Have you ever been to Disney world? The first magical step, as you look around and you know you’ve arrived? Well you get a sense of that when you enter the convention. The people, cosplaying and random glimpses of guests as they get ushered through the crowds! Amazing is an understatement! You can take this how you want as well, Wales comic con is one of the best in the UK. An example would be the other major leading convention holders across the UK, that mainly focus on London and leave the others to rot. Wales Comic Con stays true to it’s core and doesn’t disappoint their fans! Anyway….

The Stalls…..

Every comic con has stalls, they are normally generic and every single one has a Funko pop for sale. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but we all know that conventions can be a little priced up and a lot of people these days are checking online prices before buying at a convention. With websites like TopCashBack why would you not? So it was really nice to see some diversity over the weekend.

There was of course the Funko stalls dotted around although yet again nothing that wasn’t online, the gems hidden away though!! Goblin Dreams one of my all time hand crafted favourites for starters, if you’ve not seen them check them out! The thing I love as well is they don’t hike their prices up for conventions. If you want an item you’ll be paying the same online or at a convention.

Goblin Dreams stall

As well as the amazing Goblin Dreams with their custom minis, the comic con had loads of diverse stalls. You go to some conventions and they’re all the same and you can’t help but yawn! In the main hall there was an amazing Funko wall, the best wall around! I’m pretty sure it’s there every single comic con but you can always check them out online at the geeky nerd toys. They saved us from a Funko disaster that was causing some major anxiety!

There were also some creations, sorry I mean masterpieces found in the marquee. Dave Kennedy art, pieces that were out of this world. I’d never seen anything like it and they didn’t look like mass produced rubbish either! If you ever get a chance to grab his work at any convention, do it! It can all of course be found online but it’s better to have a chat in person and meet the man behind the work!

Dave Kennedy Art

However, at every convention there’s parts that need improvement. This time round it was the gaming area. Although the gaming area had its own room it was, okay. They had a tournament with Mario kart targeted towards children but everything else was so diverse and dotted about I had no idea what was what. To be fair I didn’t even manage to get any blogging footage because it was so chaotic.

I did hear others chatting about the games they had on offer though and they seemed to enjoy it. I guess it depends on how much of a hardcore gamer you are. If you’re a dedicated gamer then you’re going to love it and won’t care about anyone else there! If you’re like me, a part time gamer then you’re going to be a little overwhelmed and might just leave like we did!

The Guests

So in my opinion the guests make up the convention. You can’t have a convention without them, its the rule right? This year there were so many, all diverse and all amazing. Yes there were a few last minute cancellations however it can’t be helped. Sean Austin had to pull over because he was advised that he shouldn’t fly by his doctor, he was smart and followed the advice and for anyone who has a problem with that obviously isn’t a real fan.

Gareth David Lloyd

90% of the guests that I meant were amazing. A couple seemed half asleep which was a downer, I’m guessing the commute got to a couple of them though. However, I met some amazing guests, Gareth David Lloyd again! I mean if he’s at a convention I’m going to meet him, signed my Dragon Age game! Warick Davis was amazing, the perfect guest and a delight to meet, then we have Greg Grunberg! An iconic, amazing part of the hit TV show Heroes; not to mention the recent role he shined from in Star Wars!

I could literally talk about the guests for ages, some of them stopped to have a proper chat, some of them were mega hot and could make you melt with a stare. However I’d suggest you take a look at my vlog and check out the picture montage so you can see who I met, Marc Blucas however has aged very well and is as good looking as the day he stepped into his Buffy role. I overheard on woman say to Anthony Head “You will forever remain the silver fox in my life!”, enough said.

Marc Blucas

Everything else? 

Let’s start with the negative so I can end on a positive shall we? People, they complain way too much and it seemed that this weekend was the worst yet. Complaining that the venue was a mess, that the staff didn’t have a clue what they were doing and it was all badly ran.

Let me start by saying that if you’re going to complain about rubbish, take yours home with you and don’t chuck it on the floor or in an overflowing bin! Secondly if you think a huge event, with thousands of visitors isn’t going to be a little chaotic you’re out of your mind! There’s bound to be late guests, long queues and a bit of confusion now and again. That’s showbiz at the end of the day, I think that Wales really shone through and show the true meaning of the show must go on!

Fallout 4 yellow power ranger cos playNow that positive to end the night on. Cosplayers unite, the talent this year was out of this world! If I could have got a photo with everyone then I would have, it was hard enough getting a picture of a snake at the animal stand! I managed to get some photos of a few people whoever, even got myself in a couple of them! Fallout, power rangers, hawk woman, the flash! I could literally go on all day.

As I said before the talent is out of control. The whole day was amazing and out of control. Jaime and his team did an amazing job, the wales comic con has to be the best I’ve ever attended and I’ve been to quite a few! I can’t wait for December and if you attended this April I’m sure you have the same feelings I did about the whole weekend.

We were so blessed to get press passes. I pray that we’re in the same position in December so that we can really experience the whole trip like we did this time round. That being said I’d also happily pay the weekend price because its cheap and you’re getting so much for your money. If you’re thinking about attending you should check out Wales comic con on Facebook and of course visit their website when you get the chance, the next on is December 2018!

So I can’t praise the whole event enough. I also couldn’t add every guest in this post or every stall, there was so much more to experience and if you attended you’ll know what I’m talking about. Let me know if you attended Wales Comic Con, tell me what you liked the most in the comments or who you liked meeting the most! If you get a chance, check out my little vlog I put together, I’m sorry it’s not mega long but we had to much fun meeting and chatting with people the camera wasn’t always rolling!

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