Village Hotel Leeds South Review

Village Hotel Leeds South Review

I’ve always loved staying at various places all over the UK, as a child my holidays were mostly UK based and I always found the hotels to be the best part. I know most people don’t spend too much time in hotels but I always found them to be quite comforting, you’re sleeping and sometimes eating there so that have to be at least half decent right?

We made a trip to Leeds in April 2019 and found a nice place to stop in, I thought it was only right that I made a post about the hotel and everything it offers so that our readers could benefit in the future. I’ve never stay at a village hotel before, I’m not even sure if they’re a chain or if this is an independant hotel but that doesn’t matter because I’m going to tell you everything about the village hotels leeds south and let you make your own mind up!


When it comes to the location it couldn’t be any better. The Leeds village hotel is a 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk from Morley town centre where you can visit a range of shops from charity shops, weatherspoons and the superstore Morrisons.

The village hotel also has a swimming pool, gym, pub area and loads of room for functions for weddings, events and much more. The weeeknd we stayed there was a computer and tech fair going on although we didn’t have the time and budget to visit this time around but it did look interesting. If you want somewhere centeral but away from the noise and bussle of the town, the Leeds village hotel is the one you want to pick. The hotel is also a half hour drive from Leeds Bradford airport.

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First Impressions

I love a nice, posh looking hotel and this is one of those. As soon as you walk in you can see the style and the money that was put into the place. It’s a step up from the the premier inn down the road that’s for sure. Keeping in mind we only paid £121.61 for two nights in the hotel I have to say the money was worth it and you could tell from the first impressions. If you want to get the Village Hotel Leeds South at a good price look on

Checking In

At the village south hotel they have an automated check in system I’ve never seen before, it took a little bit to get used to but the staff were still around and very friendly when we needed help. The system is set up to give one card for the room but the staff were there to make another so there was no issues.

Village Hotel Leeds South Review. leeds village hotel self check in service.

Hotel Room

As we approached the room we could tell it was going to be nice, that’s just from the corridoor and the contactless key pad that’s on the door so you can get in. The contactless key pad made it so much easier to get into the room and you don’t have to worry about getting it in the slot. I have to say the card reader was one of the best things the leeds village south hotel has to offer when it comes to the rooms.

Village Hotel Leeds South Review hotel room card reader

The first impressions when you get in the room is, wow. The room is laid out in a way that means you can get around without bumping into anything and it’s very up market. We had room 114 and can’t say we had any faults with the room overall. I will say that with the blinds shut the room is rather dark, there are lights in the room but they aren’t powerful enough to light up the room, which is fine if you want the blinds open all the time but I doubt you want to get out the shower with everyone outside being able to see you in the buff or a towel.

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When it comes to sleep I have to say the beds are very comfortable, the only problem is they only provide one pillow per person on the double bed and if you’re like us you’ll need at least two pillows. There aren’t any in the wardrobe but if you want any extra all you have to do is ask reception and they’ll have some sent up to you so you don’t need to worry about getting no sleep due to the lack of pillows.


The bathroom is lovely, no marks on the floor and all the paint work where it’s supposed to be. The decorating in the shower is on trend with the rest of the hotel room as well. The tap is a little weird and took me a couple of minutes to get used to but it’s nice and posh. The shower was really nice, be careful with the temperture though as it can get really hot. You get a nice coverage from the big head and it’s nice and powerful.

Village Hotel Leeds South Review. Village Hotel Leeds South bathroom.

I would like to point out that the position of the toilet roll holders means the toilet isn’t really fat person friendly which is a pain. You’ll end up getting indentations on your legs but I’m sure not everyone has that issues unless you’re cubs like us. There are loads of towels and two toilet rolls ready and waiting though and the bathroom was cleaned very well.

Disabled Access

If you’re like us you’ll want to know what the disabled access is like within the hotel. The village hotel leeds south disabled access is really good and well thought out. There are no steps to get into the main building so wheelchair access is possible, the lift is big enough to fit a wheelchair and due to the size of the shower it’s got disabled access. There are no handles in the shower however so someone who is dependant on this won’t be able to use the shower.

Village Hotel Leeds South Services


There’s loads of parking on the hotel grounds and the best thing is parking at the hotel is complimentary, as long as you’re here using the facilities or staying in the hotel. You can’t just park here and walk into town. I think the Village Hotel Leeds South free parking is great because loads of hotels we’ve stayed at charge and it doesn’t make the best impression.

Room Service

We’ve ordered room service a few times, the Bangkok room service was amazing. The Leeds village hotel does offer room service, at a delivery service charge of £3 and I must say the prices are a little too rich for my blood. You’re looking at £11 for a pizza, £16 for a burger and an additional £1 for cheese and bacon and £8 for an appetiser. I’m not a fan of overpriced food so we didn’t bother ordering any room service which means we can’t comment on the food.

Village Hotel Leeds South Review. leeds village hotel room service food.


The Leeds village hotel has free WIFI which is great as I hate having to pay for it. The WIFI is adequate if you’re not on it all day or uploading videos to YouTube. It takes a bit of time to get going however. There aren’t any options to upgrade so everyone is on the same WIFI which might be the reason as to why it’s slow at times but the fact it’s free can’t be sniffed at.

Hotel Extras

The hotels has various other extras that you can emurse yourself in. They have the hotel gym which is an extra £15 on top of your stay and there’s a Leeds village south Starbucks and village pub that you can enjoy as well. There’s loads of space in the main waiting area if you need to do some work or just have a chill out moment and as I’ve said before the staff are really friendly and won’t give you any grief.

The Leeds village south hotel smoking area is just outside the main enterance, just make sure you’re not standing in the doorway and in peoples way as not everyone appreicates smoking.


We paid £121.61 for our two night stay in the Village Hotel Leeds South and overall it’s worth every penny. As I said before I think the food is overpriced but you can easily head into town and grab a bite to eat for half the price or stock up on supplies from Morrisons. Extra pillows in the wardrobe would have been nice but there was an iron and ironing board if you need it.

The facilities are on point and really clean as well which can be hard to find in some hotels. The location is centeral and you can get a good deal on the place if you book through so make sure you look around for a decent price as well.

Village Hotel Leeds South Review
Village Hotel Leeds South Review

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