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Verona Amsterdam Restaurant Review

We love finding new places to eat in Amsterdam and we just so happened to be looking for some of the best Italian restaurants Amsterdam had to offer, well people, we think we found the best Italian Amsterdam has to offer! We went there three times during our 2022 stay it was that nice!

Now I can’t say for sure if this is the best Italian restaurant Amsterdam has to offer as we didn’t go to them all. What I can say is that it had a great atmosphere, and great food and it didn’t cost a fortune, unlike other Amsterdam Italian restaurants that we’d passed by.

The Verona Amsterdam restaurant is one of our favourites so of course, we’re going to write a little review on the place. If you want to know more about some of the best pasta Amsterdam can give you, read on and see what we really had to say about this Amsterdam restaurant.

Amsterdam Verona restaurant menu

Verona Restaurant Amsterdam Review

So on our quest to find the best Amsterdam food we stumbled across Verona and we’re so glad we did. I think in the past we had walked past this restaurant but never gone in, I’m so glad we decided to take the plunge on this trip and you can bet we’ll be going back in the future as well. This, in our minds, is one of the best Italian restaurants in Amsterdam.

The Verona restaurant is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, it’s easy to get to both by walking and on the tram. It’s down a side road which means there’s not a ton of footfall either so it might be nice to eat outside in the summer months. We can’t talk about that though because when we went it was late December and raining almost every day.

Verona Amsterdam Restaurant Area

I have to say the restaurant area was very tidy, clean and inviting. There’s plenty of room to get a good table as well. I would like to point out that if you’re at a table of 4 and you’re two people, you may be asked to move to a smaller table if a larger party comes in. I don’t really see an issue with this as the restaurant has to make money to stay open, although from the looks people gave when this happened, not everyone would agree with me.

The toilets were clean and well stocked. The restaurant kitchen also looked clean from what we could see but I’m afraid we weren’t given a kitchen tour of this fancy Italian restaurant in Amsterdam. We visited in the winter and it was only the downstairs which was open, I have a feeling that the upstairs area could be open in the summer months.

I can’t say we had any issues with the Verona Amsterdam restaurant and that’s why we continued to visit. The restaurant area is clean and I’m glad we ate there.

Amsterdam Restaurant Verona Prices

There are a few Italian restaurants in Amsterdam so I can’t compare prices with them. We thought the Amsterdam Verona prices were reasonable for the quality of food that we got, and we loved the food. The price was around average for most restaurants in Amsterdam.

Verona Amsterdam has menus outside on their tables and on the wall. I would suggest to anyone to take a look at them first, see what food you might fancy and if it’s within your budget. I would recommend anyone have a budget on a holiday, it means you’re not left with no money with a few days of holiday left.

You don’t have to leave a tip. We left a tip when we went, however, they do sometimes ask if you’d like the tip to be included with the bill. We prefer to give it as cash, mainly because we always have cash in Amsterdam as most places only take card payments now.

Amsterdam verona restaurant menu

Amsterdam Italian Verona Restaurant Food

We loved the food. We are creatures of habit though so we mostly got the same things, Louis couldn’t get enough carbonara with added chicken. We had some of the pizzas as well which were delicious. You can get several starters if you wanted although between us two hungry boys we decided to just get a pizza. Cheese on one occasion and pepperoni on another, they’re mouthwateringly great.

If you’re looking for the best pasta Amsterdam has to offer, I’d put my neck on the line and say this is the place to be. We will easily be going back when we visit again. The quality of the ingredients used was also loads better than some of the places we went, you can tell they care about the food they’re putting out there.

Amsterdam restaurant Veron food Verona carbonara

Amsterdam Verona Customer Service

Can’t fault the customer service at Verona. They were very friendly, the second and third time we went they asked us if we wanted the same table and we sat down and ordered. There was always a smile, very helpful and answered any questions that we had. Even when they were busy they were polite and that’s something you don’t find every day.

The only thing I could possibly fault with the customer service at the Verona was a comment the server made when I said the carbonara was for me I got told, it’s not a carbonara. That’s because I put chicken in my carbonara but it didn’t really bother me because it was so nice I knew I’d enjoy it regardless.

Verona Restaurant Amsterdam

Would we visit again? For sure we would and as soon as we determine when we’re going back to Amsterdam it’ll be one of the first things we do. If you want good quality food then this is the place you need. You can take a look at all our favourite Amsterdam restaurants as well, such as Fat Phill’s. Seriously, Amsterdam restaurants are just getting better and better!