Vegan Junk Food Bar VFJB Amsterdam Burgers

Vegan Junk Food Amsterdam Bar Review: Burger Trail 2

Continuing on the burger trail and looking for some of the best burgers on our travels, we had a trip to Amsterdam and we wanted to again find the best burger in town.

We heard a lot about this place from friends of ours who have travelled to Amsterdam and also from Trip Advisor, looking at reviews and pictures, we thought we would listen to the advise and try this place out, after all we wanted to find the best Amsterdam burger and really wanted to try the best Amsterdam vegan burger.


The Vegan Junk Food Bar, also called VJFB, now has 4 restaurants in Amsterdam and one in Rotterdam, which is showing that these guys must be doing something right.

The location of the Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam is in a very good location, it is outside of the city centre, but very close to a tram stop called JP Heijestraat. The Vegan Junk Food Bar does have a seating area outside of the restaurant and a small amount of seating inside, we got to the VJFB at a good time, luckily. 15 minutes after we got in and ordered, the place packed out.

Vegan Junk Food Bar Menu

So as we have previously said, this is a VEGAN place, so there is no meat what so ever. This is one of the best places to get vegan food Amsterdam wise. They have some very tasty burgers, you’ll just have to see the menu for what they do. You can check out the menu here, they do burgers, hotdogs, sides and zeafood (fake seafood). They do have a nice range of fries with some interesting toppings.

 Vegan Junk Food Bar Amsterdam - menu

Vegan Junk Food Bar Food

Daddy Mc Chik’n Burger

So as this is the burger trail, you will want to know what the vegan burgers are actually like, we both had different burgers, Louis had the Double plant-based Chik’n on a black bun, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red, spring and fried onion mix, pickles and Daddy sauce. This was a really nice burger, very tasty and it was very difficult to tell that it wasn’t meat based.

Notorious Sumo 3.0 Burger

I went for the Notorious Sumo 3.0 Burger, which is a Juicy double plant-based beef 3.0, cheddar, fried onion ring, lettuce, tomato, red, spring and fried onion mix, pickles, jalapeños, VJFB® sauce. I don’t know what VJFB sauce is, but it is some mayonnaise-based sauce. Now there was one problem with this burger, nothing serious out than that I couldn’t get my mouth around it, shocking I know. However, this burger was delicious.

Vegan Junk Food Bar VFJB Amsterdam Burgers

Sweet Potato Fries and Chik’n Nuggets

Lovely, crispy, fluffy sweet potato fries, sprinkled with spring onions. The vegan potato fries were amazing, crispy and cooked really well, packed with flavour and I’d order everytime! Chik’n nuggets with BBQ sauce, both were extremely tasty. Louis was a little unsure as he likes chicken nuggets but he liked them more than I did, vegan food is the way forward.

Vegan Junk Food Restaurant

I get that vegan food is very trendy at the moment, a lot of people still think vegan food is boring rubbish, something as basic as a salad. Well the VJFB is really changing the way when it comes to vegan food, they have really got things right, they have a number of meat eating people going to the restaurant for food, if you’re looking for top restaurants Amsterdam this is one of them!

So the VJFB is starting the next revolution in the world of vegan food, they are making vegan food very modern, very tasty and have turned it into a guilty pleasure of “fast food”, making it more accessible to a wider audience. On top of that, they believe that there is a huge benefit for the plant, animals and on our own health. So that is where the Vegan Junk Food Bar comes in to play.

The Restaurant

Vegan Junk Food Amsterdam Bar Review: Burger Trail 2, restaurant inside. Amsterdam vegan food

The restaurant as a whole is a nice place, a bit on the small side inside the restaurant, but like I have previously said, they do have some seating outside. The outside seating was tables and benches, great for groups, especially if the sun is shining or on a warm summers evening.

The inside of the VJFB is graffiti all over the walls, all in bright neon and black colours, it does add a certain charm to the place. The tables are high with high chairs, not ideal for little/short people, the toilets are clean, however very small. However when it comes to disabled access for the vegan junk food bar there is no access for disabled people inside the restaurant, however, the seating area outside would be sufficient.

The Staff

The staff are very friendly, speak several languages between them, they are always on had to offer help and guidance if needed, if you’re struggling with what to pick, then I fully suggest having a chat with them.

Prices and Payment

I’m sure you’re curious about what the prices are like at the Vegan Junk Food Bar VJFB Amsterdam, here are the prices for what we had. 1 Daddy Mc Chik’n Burger, Notorious Sumo 3.0 Burger, Chik’n Nuggets, Sweet Potato Fries, 1 can of Coke Zero and 1 can of Orange Fanta. This all came in at a €43.75 / £39.10. This was a little on the high side, but I do get what they are doing and achieving.

I’d also like to point out that like a lot of places in Amsterdam, they only take card. This is the new Amsterdam card only policy that a lot of Amsterdam shops and Amsterdam restaurants have adopted as it’s better for the econmy and the enviroment, so keep that in mind before you order!


Overall, we both had a really nice time in the VJFB in Amsterdam, the vegan food was really tasty and has made us both consider trying more vegan food, especially if it is this delicious. We would certainly go back to the Vegan Junk Food Bar in Amsterdam on another visit, however, would probably not visit more than once per trip due to the cost. If you are looking for something awesome to try and not mind it as a treat, then this is a place you must check out.

If you are wondering how we would rate the VJFB Vegan bar in Amsterdam, well we can only give it a 4 out of 5 Cub Paws.

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