Van Goh Museum Art Gallery

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Art Gallery!

On our recent visit to Amsterdam we decided to visit the Van Gogh museum, after the good folks gave us some press passes and we couldn’t wait! If you didn’t know, we love art and there’s nothing better than checking out some of the best art from quite the art legend! When we arrived we got so captivated by the amazing atmosphere and scenery outside we almost forgot why we made the trip.

Van Goh Museum Art Gallery

Unfortunately we were unable to film inside due to the restrictions place on us by the museum, from what we could understand this was due to the painting and how they react to light; we didn’t want to damage anything so we didn’t mind putting our camera away for a while. Unfortunately some people didn’t get the memo or didn’t care, people did end up taking pictures and one person got escorted off the premises due to taking pictures; so if you visit please don’t take the risk because it’s not worth it.

That being said the staff were amazing inside the museum, just don’t get on their wrong side. If you want a treat then you need to check out the Japanese section of the museum, that’s where I found most of the fantastic art work that I fell in love with and trust me if I could afford it I would have taken a few home with us!

I’m afraid that I can’t show you a picture, nor can I seem to find one online that I can share. However if you do go to the museum check out the Tulip Field 1890, it will take your breath away! That being said the paper collection happened to be my least favourite although Matt loved it and it happened to be his favourite; which shows there really is something for everyone there!

Overall the museum was amazing, the whole complex was clean and tidy. The toilets were even clean and didn’t smell once you entered the mens room. Considering the amount of people that visit every day I didn’t think the standards would be that high, with every turn the gallery just got better!

Van Goh Museum, Amsterdam Art Gallery!

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