Travel Inspired Gifts 2023 From Etsy

Travel Inspired Gifts 2023 From Etsy

Who doesn’t love Christmas? We love it, it’s the best time of year and we love getting travel inspired gifts. There’s nothing better! We have our eyes on a few bits this year that’s for sure and we wanted to share them with our readers so they can get a taste of what we love! Take a look at our top travel inspired gifts below!

Personalised Travel Scrapbook

Ever wanted to document your travels but don’t want to sit there writing loads? I love a good scrapbook, if you have a poloriod camera you can take some snaps and include them, write a little bit about the pictue and where you travelled to and then you have a perfectly preserved memory waiting for you when you look back.

This scrapbook can be personalised so you can give it as a very thoughtful gift if you want, you can also buy one for yourself or for your partner. The possabilities are endless! Take a look at this amazing Personalised Travel Scrapbook and get one today before the Christmas rush!

Personalised Travel Journal

Much like a scrapbook, a travel journal is something that you can spend time on, write more and include more photos. It’s perfect for people who kept a diary and love to write about their expierences. It’s an amazing gift that means people can look back on their travels and enjoy it all over again.

The great thing about Etsy is that you can pick from so many different journals you’re going to be spoilt for choice. Which means you can get yourself one while buying someone else one so you don’t feel bad about only buying the one design that you love! Take a look at the different designs below!

Personalised Passport Holder Set

How many people have forgotten where they put their passport? We’ve done it so much it’s unreal, normally because they’re just thrown into a bag or put in our pockets and that’s not the best solution that’s for sure! So when we say you should be thinking about investing in a passport holder, we speak from expierence.

There are loads of different sellers on Etsy that you can buy your passport holder sets from and they all have various styles, take a look at our suggestions below and pick yourself out something nice! They also make great gifts for people who love to travel!

Personalised Scratch the World

Can’t decide where to go next? Maybe you know someone who is having terrible FOMO because every place they want to go has amazing events? Get them, or yourself, this amazing poster where you can scratch off all of the different places you’ve visited and you’ll soon have a visual representation of places you’ve not been and should totally check out!

Plan your holidays better with this Personalised Scratch The World Map from Etsy and have fun when you travel!

Personalised Under The Same Sky Christmas Bauble

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas tree decoration which just so happens to be Christmas inspired? We love to decorate our tree, we pick up Christmas tree decorations everywhere that we go and it means we have something to remember our travels by, however this Under The Same Sky Christmas Bauble is so sweet we couldn’t not share it!

Take a look at some of the other baubles that we love below!

Are there any travel themed gifts that you’ve gotten someone on Etsy this year? Let us know! We’re always adding stuff to our favourites and buying new and exciting products on Etsy, it’s the perfect place for unique items made by real people!