Top Ways To Make Your Online Brand More Appealing

Being online can be difficult, especially in this fast-growing market. If you have a digital brand that you use and you feel it’s going a little stale or falling behind other digital companies, sit back and take a read on how you can make your online brand more visually appealing!

Over 2021 I’ve been thinking about different ways in which I can really enhance my digital footprint, make myself more memorable, and have people want to come back to my website as they find my work caught their eye and remains in their mind. It’s not been easy but I’m happy to share some of the ways I’ve been able to do this with my readers.

Don’t forget to favourite this page so you don’t forget about it or get your notebook out now so you can take notes, you don’t want to forget these tips on different ways to enhance your online branding.

Have A Proper Logo

Years I have been operating without a logo and I have to admit, that was very silly of me! I now have a logo which you’ll be able to find on my homepage, printed on the pictures that I produce and on my business cards. This is so people remember my website, they see my logo many times and won’t have to think “who were they?” ever again.

I’d suggest using Canva to get the very best logo. That’s where I made mine and I have to say it was really easy, took hardly any time at all and that’s saying something because I’m a very fussy person. I have now made logos for various websites on there and have to say you don’t need to be very technical to figure it out!

Business Cards

It’s really important to have the very best business cards for you. However, if you use normal websites you can get very generic designs and if you ever go to an event, you might see the same design on a couple of business cards and suddenly, your business card blends in with all the others.

You need to make your business card stand out, there are two ways you can do this. You can use these amazing freebies from Font Bundles if you’re looking to use some amazing font that other’s aren’t and not having to pay a penny. Don’t get me wrong though some of the paid for fonts are amazing!

You can also use pictures and logos on your business cards to make sure people remember who you are. I would suggest finding a business card theme that fits with your logo and using them together. People will remember your name and it will help drum up business in the future, what’s not to like?!

Use Media

This is my final tip and trust me, it’s a good one. You need to be using media everywhere on your digital platform or you will be forgotten. Most people use the basic pictures that you can find all over the website, but that’s just not good enough these days. You need to be taking your own photos and when you do, make sure your watermark is on it.

You can also make videos, insert them into posts, set up that YouTube channel to further your digital brand, and get your face and voice known to thousands of people every day! If you want to be remembered, getting your media in front of people is the best and quickest way. Don’t forget to share them on social media for even more exposure!

If you’re looking to edit photos fast, use Canva. If you’re editing videos I have to say I like iMovie the best and have been using that for years! There are other types of media such as podcasts that you might like to get into.

What Have We Learned?

When it comes to updating your digital brand and having people remember you it’s not really that difficult. It might take a little time to get it all right and that’s fine. At the end of the day, you have to like what you create or people aren’t going to like it either as it’s not you.

It doesn’t have to be expensive. At the end of the day if you’re running a digital platform you are probably already paying out for everything you use so use freebies online to enhance everything you already have!

Everything should be personal and with all the tips I’ve included, that’s shouldn’t be too difficult to do. If you’ve got any other tips, let me know in the comments and let’s see what we can come up with!

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