Top Reasons To Visit Zante This Summer

Top Reasons To Visit Zante This Summer

There are loads of reasons why people want a summer vacation, I’m here to tell you why you should have a summer vacation in Zante this year, and every year after that! If you didn’t know Zakynthos is a Greek island, one of the smaller and more quiet islands as well. There are a few clubbing areas on the Zante island but we prefer to stay away from them areas.

When it comes to Zante holidays we’re some what of experts. We’ve now done three years on the island and Zante Greece is the place to go. We always stay at the Diana Palace hotel in Argassi, check out this little review! The thing I love about Zante and even Argassi are the different elements that make it the perfect summer holiday. There are also loads of Zante hotels to pick from, however I’d never stay anywhere that wasn’t the Diana Palace Hotel as it’s amazing there!

Zante Weather

The zante weather is amazing. Zakynthos weather can get as high as 40’c and when we first visited in May the lowest we saw was 23’c. That just goes to show that the tempertaure in Zante is not one to be missed and the Zante weather May time still isn’t that bad. Make sure you wear sun screen because you don’t want to burn! We have visited a few islands before although have to say the Zante Greece Weather is by far the best! That being said, when you get Zante rain it pours! We got stuck in a restaurant for two hours at one point as it was raining so heavily, then out of nowhere a care was struck by lightning in front of the restaurant. What I’m trying to say is the weather is so amazing, fascinating and you’ll love it!

Zante Sightseeing, Zakynthos Views

Zante sighseeing happens to be one of the best things we love to get up to. Whenever we go on holiday we’ll go to Zante town and take in the views. We’ve got a couple of boat rides as well to get an outside view of Zante island and the views are breathtaking that’s for sure! Holidays in Zante are perfect if you fancy a nice relaxing break while taking in the views. I also have to point out again that the Diana Palace hotel has some amazing views from the balcony and we always ask to at least be on the first floor due to the amazing Zante views and Argassi views. If you fancy seeing even more views take a look at the different Zakynthos tours that are going on, you’ll see so much more. We managed to see turtles one year up close and personal, they might be a little pricy but they can be totally worth it.

Greek Food And Drinks

There are so many places to eat on Zante, to the point that we spend most of our time not even leaving Argassi for food. There are loads of Zante restaurants in town so if you’re looking for a nice Zante restaurant head into town. Although if you’re staying in Argassi and fancy an Argassi restaurant then check out my list of amazing Argassi restaurants to find somewhere nice to eat. If you fancy finding somewhere else to eat then I’d recommend looking on Tripadvisor, just search Zakynthos restaurants and find somewhere that takes your fancy.

When it comes to drinks though, hold onto your hats! I have been to a few places around the world. I have however never had a drink like the Greeks make them! Of course the Mythos (larger) is nice, especially when it is served in a frozen glass. When it comes to the drinks however I would say it’s 70% Alcohol and 30% which is perfect if you’re all inclusive or on a budget while out on the town.

Greek Zante Culture And Greek People

Again I’d suggest getting on a local tour to get a load more information. However you can learn so much just by talking to the locals. We get chatting with the staff at the hotel, local shop owners and people in restaurants. We have to say that everyone is so friendly and if you’re looking at holidays in Zante, get chatting to the locals.

Zante culture speaks for itself. There’s loads you can do on Zante island, paid tours or just having a wonder around yourself. I’d suggest taking a look at the Zante sunken church in Zante town which is still sinking over time. We got the bus into town once and it takes you onto a hill where you have to walk into town and we saw some interesting bits on our way into town! My suggestion would be if you like to have a wonder about, just go. If you like to have a plan, take a look at Zante tripadvisor pages and ask the locals what’s good and then formulate a plan.


There are loads of reasons why you’d want to vist the Zakynthos island, I can’t list them all or this post would be too long and put people off. If you’re looking for a nice holiday though make sure you check out the bits I’ve talked about and let me know how you get on. If you’re looking at last minute holiday deals and budget holidays I’d suggest checking out this post for money saving travel tips. If you think I missed anything off this list or you think I should check something out on our next visit to the Zante island, let me know because I’m always looking for new adventures.

Top Reasons To Visit Zante This Summer

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