Top Money Saving Tips For When Hayfever Strikes!

Hayfever is horrible! I should know I’ve got it, whereas Matt doesn’t need to worry and doesn’t understand what the fuss is about! I find that pollen creeps up on me in the worst places and during the worst times. Like the other day I was making home made strawberry ice cream and BAM! In the middle of the kitchen I could hardly see and I was under sever pollen pressure!

Over the years I’ve managed to pick up a few tips here and there. I’ve also been given some terrible advice which just doesn’t work, for example; if you feel your eyes and noes start to get runny and find it difficult to see then just submerge your head under cold water for 5 seconds! I mean who thinks this stuff up!!

Needless to say I wasn’t stood there for 5 seconds with my head under water turning into an ice cube, even if it sounds like an attractive scenario during this heatwave! No I just use plain old tactics that don’t look mental to everyone else! Here they are.

~ Sunglasses!

Sounds silly but whenever I feel my eyes start to water up I stick on sunglasses. I’m not sure if it stops the pollen from getting to your eyes, if it’s because it makes it darker and your eyes have to do less or just because you look fly! Either way whenever I stick on a pair of sunglasses I find that it helps with my eyes. This also helps if you’re nervous around someone because if you have the right glasses they have no idea you’re nervous AF!

~ Inside use only

Stick a tea towel over your head! I find that when there’s flowers in the flat or the windows are open in the summer I can have a hayfever session at any moment! I get a tea towel and stick it over my head. I think it helps if it’s damp but don’t quote me on that one! It might be because it stops the pollen from getting to my face, last time I checked though I’m not a scientist but it does work for me so I do it. Although I don’t walk about outside with a tea towel over my head, because I’m not that crazy; yet!

~ Stop overspending!

Stop overspending on hayfever tablets, they’re not that great. I mean sure they work in small batches and I normally take them when I’m gonig out or the windows are open but not every single day for the sake of it. Another way to save money is to stop spending money on the top brands when they do the exact same thing as the regular non branded products! I’m pretty sure it was secretshoppers that we watched when they took a load of low costing medication and then branded medication and found that actually they had the same ingridents and the only difference was the price!

~ Indoors?

Okay so here’s a load of advice in one. They say to stay in doors as much as possible, which is great if you don’t want a life. However most people have to go outside so just make sure you take that tablet and wear them glasses when you do! Take off your clothes and have a shower, the shower part isn’t an issue however I find that unless you have really bad hayfever then washing your clothes every single time you go outside might be a little extreme and expensive in the long run! If you’re a clean freak then make sure you dust and vacum daily to eradicate that pollen hiding in the flat! Or like me do it once a week and hope for the best!


So here’s a list of things you should be avoiding while it’s that hayfever time of year! Again, apply these little bits of random advice to your life wherever possible because it’s not going to always be possible to follow all the rules, I should know!

Don’t walk in cut grass or cut the grass yourself! Which sounds great if you’re a child who doesn’t go outside. Totally avoid them if you can, maybe get someone else to cut your grass? Plus if you found this post by yourself then maybe you’re a bit too old to be playing in freshly cut grass? Just saying..

Don’t dry clothes outside!Which is a total bummer because the heat’s the best time to dry clothes outside! That being said though you could always buy a clothes horse and dry them inside? I hear it’s the new in thing these days, all the cool kids are talking about them!

Don’t spend too much time outside, or talk to strangers! I mean don’t talk to strangers unless you’re on a date right? Yes one bit of advice is to stay inside and don’t go outside often, which I advise lightly because everyone needs to get out now and again! Just stick on them sunglasses!

I think I’m done, there’s a lot of advice there and it’s either that or the pollen but I’m getting a headache! If you have any home made cures for your hayfever troubles then please let us know in the comments! I’m so fed up with just doing whatever I’m doing and then not being able to breath or see properly!

Top Money Saving Tips For When Hayfever Strikes!



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