Top Essentials Needed When On Holiday In Bangkok!

Top Essentials Needed When On Holiday In Bangkok!

Bangkok happened to be the highlight of 2017, holiday wise being the trip of a life time. However there are things that we made sure to take and things that we didn’t have a clue about until we got there! It’s true that you won’t know exactly what you need until you actually get to a place although thankfully we are savvy enough to know a few things and to pack with wise heads.

Some of the items I’m going to talk about might seem obvious, you might even learn something new which is great. At the end of the day though no matter what position you’re in you always have to remember these bits and you don’t want to get caught short on holiday because you might regret it!

#1 ~ Medication

You may be thinking that’s obvious and if I forget any I can just buy it while I’m out there. Well not always, if you do end up buying it out there it’s going to be the same price as the UK or even more expensive so keep that in mind. At the same time we found out that although most places would happily sell paracetamol, nowhere sold ibuprofen; not even boots! It’s mad really but they must have something in place that stops places selling it over there. I don’t know what but we took a pack in our suitcase with us so thankfully we had some and when we ran out it was paracetamol for the rest of the holiday.

I know this isn’t strictly medication but at the same time make sure you take enough shower gel, deodorant and everything that belongs in the bathroom. Again this stuff is going to cost you the same or more if you buy it while you’re on holiday and if you can buy them cheaper before you go you’re going to save money. You can always leave it behind for the housekeeping and it might make their day!

Bangkok Shower gel

#2 ~ Mosquito bands!

This was a big one for us, I was like a walking buffet; thankfully I’ve had experience from Greece and know what to expect. I don’t bother with the spray, plug ins or anything like that. I stick with the bands all the way and pick them up in bulk on Amazon. I wear one on my wrist and one on my ankle. If it’s a bad day I’ll double up in both areas. I’ve found that after using the bands opposed to everything else I’ve had at least 60% less bites and am thankful for them. I can’t praise them enough and if you’re going away I would highly recommend them!

#3 ~ Power!

You never want to be caught short, that rings the same when talking about power as well. When you go on holiday in Bangkok you’re going to be going on long trips, the longest we went on I think was 10 hours throughout the whole day so the last thing we wanted was for our phones to die. We both had a power pack each, and we ended up using them most days as well. I have to admit they were the best holiday purchases we made before leaving the UK. If you fancy the same ones we had check out this link here and get yourself one!

At the same time I would suggest looking into a WIFI pack. You can get them for fairly cheap these days and we paid £70 to get one for two weeks. The second best purchase we made! It meant that we didn’t have to use our data once and whenever we went out we had WIFI with us. You can either inquire about getting one in the UK to take abroad or you can get one abroad to use. It totally depends on your circumstance. I would highly suggest getting one though if you don’t want huge data expenses when you get back home!

#4 ~ Other Random Bits!

So there’s bound to be other bits that you’re going to need. One is a bag, a shoulder strap small bag will do it. One that you can keep in front of you as well, this way you’re not going to have anything stole. Also make sure anything you wear has deep pockets, shallow ones make easier targets for theft!The last thing you want is for your phone or wallet to get stolen when you’re abroad.

Secondly you’re going to want to invest in some travel wash. You can pick this stuff up from the pound shop or home bargains for around £1, I would suggest buying 2 if you’re going away for two weeks, one per week; that’s for two people so if you have more than two people maybe get another for safety. If you’ve got a balcony then you’re going to be able to wash and dry your clothes faster but if not use the hotel rooms coat hangers and hang whatever you have over and in the bath.

Now lastly, this might be common sense but I’m going to have to say it. Don’t forget your hats, glasses and sun cream. If you’re going somewhere hot you’re going to need them. Of course you can pick them up fairly cheap, I purchased 8 new hats in Bangkok for cheap but that was personal for me. If you don’t intend on buying any make sure you take them so you’re not out of pocket.

Oh and one last thing, if you’re a swimmer and you use noes clips you won’t be able to buy any in Bangkok. We looked everywhere and had no luck, in fact the only place that we could find goggles was a Tesco superstore! So make sure you have your swimming gear packed before you leave!

pool bangkok picture

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