Tony Roma's ~ Benidorm Review

Tony Roma’s ~ Benidorm Review

Our first visit, ever to a Tony Roma’s. A place where we fell in love, not with each other but with the food. While out on a little adventure we came across Tony Roma’s, one of the best things I’ve seen on a street corner in a long time. We just had to visit that very night and we’re glad we did. Our visit to Tony Roma’s started a love affair that traveled with us everywhere we now go. If you want more information on that I’d suggest you check out the Tony Roma’s page, for more information on this restaurant, keep reading!

First impressions where great, the place was clean and tidy which is always nice to see. The staff where also very friendly and helped us to our seats. We picked our own seats as I like to feel comfortable when I eat and the staff were very accommodating. So if you want a nice clean, friendly place to eat while in Benidorm, check Tony Roma’s out!

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The food

The food, it’s what everyone wants to hear about right? It was lovely. I’m going to start with our favourite starter. The onion ring stack. I have to say I thought It was going to be a few onion rings chucked on a plate but when it got to the table I had no idea how we were expected to manage the starters and mains!

Tony Roma's Onion ring stack

If that isn’t enough to get your mouth watering and wanting to visit right away, let me tell you about the main meals. Mainly the burgers as that all we actually ordered. We visited three times and had a burger every time, that’s saying something! At the same time I like my burgers well done, I’ve been to so many places that get the burgers wrong and never listen, this place was perfect.

The burger wasn’t dry, wasn’t burnt. It was really nice, the cheese was melted to perfection and wasn’t like they’d just chucked a cheese slice on like some super chains that I’ve been to. Just like the onion stack, I would highly recommend the burger without a doubt! You could also go with the double stacker as you can see below!

Tony Roma's Cheese and bacon burger

Now when it comes to desserts, Tony Roma’s has loads to offer. I’m ashamed to say that I was unable to obtain a picture of their cookie skillet before it was all eaten, no one wants to see an empty dish! Although that show how good the food really is there right? However I did get a nice little picture of the cheesecake!

The chocolate drizzle, the rich and smooth texture of the cheesecake. It doesn’t really matter how much I talk, I can’t find the words to really say how yummy it was. You’re just going to have to go and find out for yourself, a perfect excuse for a lst minute trip to Benidorm! A great reason to go back as well, or at least that’s what I’m going to be saying!

Tony Roma's Cheesecake!

The other bits

So there you have it, an amazing starter, main and dessert! I mean next time I visit I’m hopefully going to find the courage to try something other than a burger, just don’t hold me to that. As I may have mentioned, we visited three times over the week stay we had in Benidorm. Let’s talk prices shall we!

The food isn’t too expensive, it’s what you would expect for a nice steak house. I have to admit, compared to some of the other places we ate in while there it was a tad cheap. Of course I would advise anyone to shop around first and make sure you are in your holiday budget because you don’t want to be running out of money by the end of your time away. If you can afford it though I would recommend at least one visit to Tony Roma’s.

Perfect restaurant for food, customer service and a budget friendly. The place is perfect for couples, families and groups as well, it’s big enough if you want to just sit in the corner or maybe book a table for a group. Give the place a go, you won’t be disappointed.

I’d like to point out that I would normally point out some of the negatives throughout the post, however for this certain place on our three visits, I couldn’t find any. None that come to mind and none that at the time were such a concern that I have to write them down. If you have any experience at this particular restaurant I’d love to hear about it so be sure to leave a comment!

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