Tony Roma's ~ Bangkok, Thailand Review

Tony Roma’s ~ Bangkok, Thailand Review

We had no idea there was going to be a Tony Roma’s a few steps away from our hotel when we visit Bangkok back in 2017! When we found out though, we couldn’t be more happier. After a couple of days into our two week stay in Bangkok we visited Tony Roma’s with great expectations, bad move.

Now although our first visit to Tony Roma’s in Benidorm was amazing, that doesn’t mean every other place is going to be at the same standard. That being said I should probably just talk about the restaurant and not give it all away!

The food

I want to start with the drinks. We had refill drinks when in Bangkok which was a life saver when it came to budget planning! Normally places get you to spend a fortune on drinks throughout your meal although this place really hit the mark with the refills. We never had an empty glass, even if the ice got a little too much at times!

If you do visit I would highly recommend the Fanta, I’m not sure why it taste so good but it’s a lot better than anything I’ve got in the UK. Maybe a magic Bangkok recipe, or do they just add happiness to the formula? Either way, try it out if you get the chance.

Bngkok Fanta

So food, obviously we went for a starter, two actually. We’re the type of people who do it proper, starter, main and desserts. It might cost a little bit extra but it’s worth it to experience everything. All within the budget of course. We had some really nice chicken and onion rings for starters, although we totally forgot to take any pictures. Take our word for it, yummy!

Now this is the part where it goes downhill a little bit, the burgers. The one thing I was looking forward to the most happened to be the most disappointing. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t pink, it was cooked how I like it but it was an utter fail. Oil all over the place, soggy bun, dried salad and the chips where still stuck together like they had been deep friend from frozen. The burger was a total let down and in actual fact, I didn’t even finish mine.

Bangkok burger Tony Roma's

I’m not one to waste food and I’ll eat most of what is put in front of me, that being said I really couldn’t finish this as it wasn’t altogether pleasing so we just went to desserts. You might be thinking, if the burger was that rubbish why waste time on dessert. Well to put it simply I wanted ice cream, cookies and to experience everything for a blog post!

Desserts, I managed to get a cookie picture for everyone to have a look at. The cookie was lush! The ice cream on top was okay but nothing to shout about, the ice cream at the Benidorm restaurant was a lot nicer, probably the same ice cream but still different in taste!

You can see the cookie in the skillet below, I would again recommend anyone who is thinking about going to a Tony Roma’s to try out the cookie skillet because you won’t regret it!

Cookie Skillet Tony Roma's

The other stuff….

Customer service was on point, welcoming and there to help. At times I was a bit concerned they might trip over rushing over to fill up our glasses when they got half full. We left a nice little tip because the customer service was just amazing though, couldn’t fault it.They made sure to cook the burger how we wanted it, we had to explain because they couldn’t Speak amazing English but that was to be expected and they did their best!

Prices, well it’s Bangkok, Thailand. You would think it’s cheap as chips, that’s kind of a myth though depending on where you go. This Tony Roma’s is situated in Terminal 21, a big shopping mall with two floors fitted out with restaurants and a huge food court. The prices were still cheap in comparison to the ones back home in the UK, budget friendly as well. They have a menu outside on the wall as well so if you are planning on taking a trip be sure to have a look and roughly find out how much you are going to be spending, that way you won’t be shocked at the end!

So there you have it, another fantastic Tony Roma’s! I would suggest staying away from the burger although the rest of it was yummy indeed! Make sure you try the Fanta and you can thank me later! If you’ve ever been to this particular Tony Roma’s I want to hear about it! Was it rubbish or was is one of the best yet? Leave us a comment!

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