Tony Roma’s

Tony Roma’s, a restaurant around the world that we just LOVE to visit! Although we’ve only actually been to a couple so far.

We first discovered Tony Roma’s while adventuring around Benidorm, we proceeded to visit three times on our week stay and could have easily gone back for more given more time! Whenever we travel around we’re on the look out for more Tony Roma’s and make it a priority to visit given the chance. That being said,

~~ Post in progress, always looking for new Tony Roma’s restaurants to visit and try out, let us know if there are any amazing ones near you!! ~~

It doesn’t matter what you have there, the food is bound to be amazing. I can’t speak for all the restaurants because it can change country to country I would imagine, which can be confirmed from the reviews we do on each restaurant whenever we visit! You can check out the reviews by clicking the place below.