The Best amsterdam bucketlist for tourists!

The Ulitmate Amsterdam Bucket List

Amsterdam is all about exploring and having brand new adventures, however, there is so much to do it’s easy to become lost and confused. We never had enough time to do everything we want to do when we visit, which is why I thought it would be a good idea to put together an Amsterdam bucket list. I decided to put 12 amazing things to do in Amsterdam on this bucket list, an Amsterdam travel list of the top Amsterdam attractions you need to experience.

If you’re looking for things to do in Amsterdam and don’t know what to do in Amsterdam this post is going to have you sorted. I have to say as well, finding places to visit in Amsterdam was a tough job as there is so much confusing information online, I hope I’ve made it simple!

Amsterdam Bucket List

Amsterdam Cheese Museum

The Amsterdam cheese museum is a must! We visited a few small museums while in Amsterdam and I have to say what the cheese museum Amsterdam had to offer was our favourite! You even get free cheese samples and can buy your own cheese while you’re there! What’s not to love?

Vegan Junk Food Amsterdam Bar

If you have a thing for vegan food or Amsterdam food you have to check out this vegan junk food bar Amsterdam for some amazing quality Amsterdam food. Amsterdam vegan food is on the rise and this is one of the best places to get the food you’re craving.

Visit Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

We loved visiting Amsterdam Madame Tussauds on our Amsterdam trips, out of all the Amsterdam attractions we visited this was one of the most exciting and the wax figures look so real! If you’re visiting Amsterdam you have to visit their madame tussauds.

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam Review Madame Tussauds

Walk Through Vondlepark

Vondelpark is amazing, we walked through vondle park almost every day on our trip. The park is huge, breathtaking and you must visit the rose garden. If you’re a Pokemon Go fan you’ll find loads of Pokemon, Poke stops and Poke gyms as well for you to enjoy!

Enjoy Amsterdam Pancakes

We tried a few different places to get pancakes while in Amsterdam, some places, however, were a big disappointment! We did find an amazing place to get both sweet pancakes and savoury pancakes, along with some very yummy waffles. Amsterdam is known for their waffles, pancakes and stroopwafles.

Visit The Amsterdam Markets

There are loads of Amsterdam markets to enjoy all year round, the Amsterdam Christmas Markets are the best and I love getting festive in Amsterdam! A trip to Amsterdam isn’t complete if you don’t visit at least one market while you’re there!

Amsterdam Canal Tour

A canal tour in Amsterdam is the best way to see more of the city you may have missed by just walking about. The Amsterdam canals are breathtaking and a nice relaxing tourist trip that has to be experienced. I have to say we went on a few and I love the atmosphere of the Amsterdam canal tours.

Visit The Red Light District

It’s said that the Amsterdam red light district is dying off and more places are being shut down to make the city a more tourist and family-friendly destination. I would suggest visiting the red light district Amsterdam while you still have the chance to experience what Amsterdam has to offer.

Rent Bikes Amsterdam

If you want to get about Amsterdam like the locals the best way would be to rent Amsterdam bikes. However, you need to make sure you follow the rules for bikes because you can end up having your bike taken away or in trouble with the local Amsterdam authorities.

Visit Foodhallen

Amsterdam foodhallen is an amazing place to get food, there are loads of different independent stalls set up inside that you can pick from and you can get almost any type of food there! One thing I will say is to make sure you have a debit or credit card as card payments are a must in foodhallen, and a lot of Amsterdam now as well. If you fancy taking a look at a basic Amsterdam foodhallen tour video take a look at the one we put together!

Visit The Amsterdam Sign

Go and visit the Amsterdam sign and have a picture with the Amsterdam sign. The sign is a great place to take a picture although there are a lot of people who visit it now so you might be left waiting or having a few people photobomb your picture!

Try Dutch Chocolate

The Dutch have their own chocolate, well Amsterdam chocolate anyway. It’s called Tony’s. We’ve had this chocolate every time we’ve visited and they even have their own shop that sells the different variations of the chocolate. You can also pick the Tony chocolate up in most Amsterdam supermarkets as well so keep your eye out, it makes a nice gift as well.

Amsterdam Short Bucket List

Things To Do In Amsterdam

There are loads of things to do in Amsterdam, it’s a city bursting with culture and tourist attractions. As long as you respect the locals and the law you’ll have an amazing Amsterdam holiday for sure. If there’s anything you’d put on your bucket list that I haven’t mentioned please let me know in the comments and we have to check it out next time we’re in Amsterdam!

The Best amsterdam bucket list for tourists!

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