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The Perfect BlogOn Event Guide For UK Bloggers

Blogon is a firm favourite event every single year for us, we love going to meet other bloggers and having a great time. I thought it was about time that I put a nice blog post together so that everyone knew what blogon was about and could plan their trip as best as possible! If you want to check out Blogon more for yourself visit the offical blogon homepage!

Blogon Location

We’ve been to several blogons now that have all been at hotel football, I even went to an event on my birthday I’m that dedicated! Hotel football is a really big hotel, perfect for the event and there’s loads of rooms so that the bloggers can take over the hotel and party till early AM! It’s easy to get to and they have parking although it will cost you £5 a night, there’s also a premier inn over the road but we’ve not stayed there and can’t really comment on the hotel or the parking situation. I’d like to point out that this blogon is in May and as far as I know the event will be at hotel football every May.

However starting 2019 the September the blogon event has moved! It’s not going to be in Bracknell, which is great for us as it’s closer and means we don’t have to drive as far. The new hotel is coppid beach hotel, now we’ve not stayed here before but I hear it’s an amazing place and big enough to hold the event and more! Check back soon because there’s no doubt we’ll be writing a review for it!

What To Expect At BlogOn

Blogon is a day event, you’re going to spend the day meeting new people, making new friends, enjoying talks from experts and meeting new amazing brands. You’ll have time to stop for lunch and chatting so don’t worry if it sounds like a little too much. The day starts at 10:30 with a welcome talk and then the rest of the day is up to you, you can explore everything the blogon event has to offer and make the day your own.

You’ll meet so many bloggers you’ll forget most of the names, however you’ll make some great contacts for future projects and get some amazing help. We’ve made some amazing friends through blogon as well so there’s no need to be nervous.

BlogOn Speaker Talks

The Blogon talks are amazing, we’ve learnt so much from them all. I managed to get my head around Pinterest thanks to blogon and I would never have started making podcasts or YouTube videos if not for the blogon talks. They have talks from loads of people and they’re so diverse there’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you want to find out about YouTube, SEO, Podcasting, Food photography and so much more, you’ll learn it at the blogon event that’s for sure.

BlogOn Brand Den

The brand den is one of the things that really attracts people to the blogon event. There are always diverse brands in the brand den, there’s been Lush, Nintendo, Paladone, Snopake, Varta and so many more. The blogon team are always getting more brands in the den and I can’t wait to see who they get next, fingers crossed for some amazing travel or food brands!

I will say that a large majority of the brands are toy related. At the May event you’ll find 60% of the brands are toy related and at the September event you’ll get around 80% toy brands, this is due to it being so close to Christmas and they want to get their new products in front of so many people. They even have competitions in the brand den, for example I won this amazing incredibles 2 toy!

The Perfect BlogOn Event Guide For UK Bloggers. BlogOn Brand Den

BlogOn Goody Bags & Freebies

So of course everyone loves free stuff right? At the end of the day you’re going to be getting a big goody bag full of so many amazing things. You’ll be getting sweets, drinks, toys, books, bin bags and so much more. The bags are totally random and I love opening them each year, I’m still waiting for some kitchen equipment though, a nice cheese grater or fish slice would be awesome!

Freebies depending on the brands, I know in the past a few rouge bloggers have let the community down and have taken products off the PR tabels without permission so the brands don’t give out many freebies anymore, however you never know. There is cake though so keep that in mind! If you fancy finding out what’s in these bags check out this BlogOn goody bag openening video!

How Much Is BlogOn?

The event is actually really fairly priced, at the moment it’s only £55 which when you think about everything you’re getting from the event it’s not bad at all. Plus even if we don’t get much from the brand den or speaker talks it’s really nice to meet friends and be social for a change!

BlogOn After Party

The after party is a weird one, it used to be the night before which meant people had to come down for longer and book longer in the hotels. However at the moment the after party is just that, after the event. The party starts at 8pm so there’s time to rest after a busy day and get some food.

There’s free drinks for a period of time, then you’re paying for some. There’s music, tables filled with fun games and yummy treats and literally loads to do. At the latest blogon May 4th there was a star wars fancy dress competition. Although we didn’t dress up it was great to see some people took it to the next level and really pulled it out the bag! If you want to see a bit more of the after party and the star wars fancy dress compeition check out this vlog!

BlogOn Raffle

I love the blogon raffle, we enter every time and normally spend £30-£50 each event. We’ve won up to £300 on the raffle at a single event before and that was from £50. The raffle has amazing prizes, the May blogon 2019 even had a nintendo switch for a prize, of course the first person who won it claimed it but there were loads of other prizes also.

BlogOn Conclusion

Go! We love blogon and we go every single time, we’ve not missed one since our first one it’s that good! You get so much for your money and if you have friends there it means you get to have a social time as well. I will say one thing, factor in the cost of travel and hotel and don’t go if it’s going to get you into debt.

If you fancy seeing some of the time we’ve had at blogon check out this BLOGONTOYS September 2018 Party, Bloggers & Hotel Football vlog out! I even had red hair which was pretty cool.