The Great Dorset Vegan Festival(1)

The Great Dorset Vegan Festival

We’ve been to a vegan fair before but that was nothing like this vegan festival we went to this December. I have so much to talk about and to show you it’s unreal, but if you think being vegan is boring I’ve got news for you! So to start with myself and Matt attended the vegan festival the 9th December 2018 after getting some press passes. We had no idea what to expect but we knew that we wanted to give it all a try, that’s just what we did! If you’ve never tried vegan food or you’ve no idea what vegan life is like, keep reading.

Vegan Food Festival

I say vegan food festival because that was the main focus of us that day, as well as at least 70% of the stalls being all about vegan food so it wasn’t hard to miss. I know a lot of people think that being vegan means you have to give up a lot of yummy food and that you’re going to be eating salad for the rest of your life; so not true! I want to talk about some of the stalls and the amazing food they had. Let’s talk about Peachy Cakes! They have to be the best vegan brownies I have ever taste, I didn’t think vegan brownies could taste so good, apparently they can! Get one of the mint brownies and biscuit brownies and you can thank me later! Or just take a look on their website and get a brownie box, you’re welcome!

If you’re a fudge lover I’d tell you to check out Minstry of Fudge, they have a really nice mince pie fudge which I’m in love with, although I’m sure you already know all about them and you’re familiar with their website? Too much sweets for one vegan day? I loved the flavours that came from Green & Grainy as well. They had some amazing, flavoursum healthy bars and we just had to get a few, I couldn’t pick a favourite as they were all amazing!

I have to say there were loads of stalls selling vegan chocolate but it was so expensive which was a shame, that’s why we went with the people that made brownies, healthy bars or amazing vegan milkshakes like the liberty vegan sweets company. My top favourite of the day though had to be the vegan burgers that we had towards the end of the day, which you might be able to tell from my picture below! The bun looked amazing, the burger tasted amazing and the cheese was mouth watering, all of it 100% vegan and healthier for me! I’m afraid to say though that Got No Beef, the amazing creators of these burgers only do events; which means if you have a vegan festival in your area you need to go and see if they’re there because you don’t want to miss out!

Got No Beef Burger Vegan Festival

Vegan Products

So of course it wasn’t just food. Other wise that wouldn’t appeal to everyone. I loved the animal rescue stalls, foxes are cute and it was amazing to see peopel raising awareness of different ways people can take care of them and what to do when they see a fox and how to cope in a situation where a fox may be injured. I was also happy to see Miracles Mission represented there, if you don’t know who they are or what they do I’d encourage you to check them out and get involved any way possible.

The slow living sompany are ones to look out for as well. I loved their shampoo and facial clensing bars that they do, the bamboo cutlery were also pretty amazing and something that Matt took an interest in that’s for sure. Their zero waste policy was great to see as well, as an avid recycle guy I love zero waste! Again I’m not going to be able to talk about every company or product there but I wanted to highlight a few that really took our interest and show you that you’re missing out on so much when you don’t go to an amazing Vegan festival! There was also some really nice vegan clothing and vegan sweets dotted about.

Vegan Subscription Boxes

So one thing we did find at the Vegan Festival were some nice vegan boxes, monthly boxes that you can have delivered every month without having to go out! There were two in particular and I’m going to go over them. The Vegan Recipe Box Company is the first one I wanted to chat about a little. We spoke to some amazing people at the vegan box stall and they discussed everything in the box, the amazing recipes that can be made each month and we were sold. They also have an amazing Student box so if you know a university student that could do with one of these vegan boxes, do it!

We also stumbled across another monthly subscription box company towards the end of the day. Team Tea which in my opinion sounds amazing! Each month you can have three boxes of lose leaf teas sent right to your door, check it out for more information. You can also buy lose tea without having to go down the subscription path. They had some great smelling tea, also one that smelt like ice cream!

The Dorset Vegan Festival

I have to say the day was really nice, there was a nice calm atmosphere and everyone was polite and happy to be there which was amazing. The staff were lovely when we arrived and everything was signposted. I also found that there was loads room and access for disabled people who need the extra space, so everyone can get involved and have a good day! The vegan cheese to test on the way in was a nice little touch as well. I can only say that make sure you take enough money so that you can try all the yummy vegan food that’s there because you’re spoilt for choice!

I’m really looking foward to some more vegan events in the future and hope we can show you so much more in furture blog posts and videos. Did I mention there was vegan cake as well? You can tell we focused on the food more than anything else, it was the best place to get lunch and a nice vegan drink without having to leave and walk into town. You had everything you could have needed to make it a nice day out, plus there were activities for children outside the main hall. I mean sure we didn’t need them but I wanted to point that out for anyone who is thinking about taking children in the future.

I love the vegan uk scene, it’s great to see more vegan events and awareness as well. I could see so many people wondering around amazed at everything a vegan lifestyle had to offer and how people don’t need to compromise when going vegan. It opened our eyes as well and to anyone hesitant to take the leap, just go and have a look around so you can make your mind up easier. You won’t be dissapointed, check out the vegan festival website to see if there’s any events near you and if you’ve been to any let me know what you think! Also don’t forget to check us out on our YouTube Channel and subscribe so you don’t miss the vegan festival video we have coming up soon!

The Great Dorset Vegan Festival

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