The Diana Palace, Argassi Zakynthos Hotel Review

So three years running we stayed in the amazing Diana Palace! The Diana Palace is situated in Argassi, an amazing area on Zante and one that I would suggest staying in if possible! If you’re looking at zakynthos hotels this is the one you need. Over the three years the Diana has transformed into a masterpiece. Slowly The Diana Palace is making its way to a 5 star! Sad to say that this year we won’t be able to go even though we wish we could. For first timers however let me tell you how much is on offer and why you should stay!

The argassi diana palace hotel is in my opinion the best one in argassi and on the zakynthos island, they aslo have a diana hotel which is situated in the town and more targetted towards buisness travellers. We visited the diana hotel on one of our trips and have to say it was lovely, the roof top pool was amazing and well worth a visit if you’re travelling on buisness. For us though we always stay at the diana palace zakynthos because it’s amazing.

The Diana Palace, Argassi Zakynthos

Diana Palace Rooms

The first year we visited we thought the rooms where standard but really nice. Spacious and clean. They had air conditioning that you can rent while staying and it works really well unlike other hotels we have been to. You can request the rooms that you want if you have stayed before although they can not be guaranteed so keep that in mind if you have your heart set on a particular room.

Every room we have stayed in so far we’ve had a balcony and the views are amazing. If you have any problems with the rooms though the staff are more than happy to help and the cleaning service are amazing! There’s no set time they arrive but if you plan to go out every day this isn’t really a problem! The rooms are that nice I decided to propose in one on the second year, can’t be that bad; we then enjoyed some champagne on the balcony.

If you are lucky enough or pay for the superior rooms (I Would suggest doing so, only if you can afford it though). You’re going to be in for a treat, the upgraded and redecorated rooms are to die for. Big beds, olive oil products in the bathroom and even better balcony views! Like I said, if you can afford it then totally upgrade!

Diana palace Customer Service

Over the years we have gotten to know the staff pretty well. Some members are a little more shy but you soon get to know the more prominent ones! Dennis a personal favourite behind the bar! Somehow he remembers everything you drink, a year passed and Matt was amazing when our drinks where waiting without having to ask. I would totally suggest spending five minutes chatting with the staff and getting to know them, you won’t regret it; it’s like one big happy family.

I mentioned before, the cleaning staff are amazing. They don’t take forever and they do an excellent job. The reception staff are ace, they knew more than our useless travel rep while there. If you need to know anything then just ask because you won’t be disappointment. Then you have Orlando in the dining room, famous for his singing which far out weighs his waiting skills! Literally I have nothing bad to say about the staff at the Diana Palace, it just isn’t possible!

Diana Palace Food and Refreshments

The food is really nice, there are some dishes such as rabbit that I decided to pass on. There is always something for everyone though and the pudding is even more enjoyable, if only the bowls where bigger so I could eat more ice cream! The only issue I find when it comes to food is that in the three years we had been going the menu had been kept the same. Please don’t get me wrong, I hate change. When it comes to food though I just feel they need to switch the menu up maybe every couple of years for the repeaters.

Diana Palace Entertainment

So they have two pools at the Diana Palace. A main pool for everyone to enjoy situated by reception and two bars, perfect for the whole family. They then have a smaller children’s pool down the bottom. The hotel has nightly entertainment for everyone too enjoy, from fire dancing all the way to bingo! Literally there is something for the whole family, that’s if your not going out all the time.

Diana Palace Extras

There are loads of other extras that you can opt in for while at the Diana Palace although we always found ourselves to be too busy relaxing to worry. They have a gym, laundry service and so much more. If you want to know what else they have to offer I would suggest checking out their website and getting all the information you need there.


So there you have it. Many, many reasons why you should be booking the Diana Palace in Argassi for your holiday. Not only is the hotel a paradise but there are loads of bars, shops and restaurants around the hotel. If you stay in other areas around the island you will most likely find yourself wondering into town or Argassi for a decent meal every now and again.

Let us know if you’ve stayed in the diana palace zante hotel and what you thought of it. They’ve upgraded most of the rooms since we last visited so we’re going to have to take another trip soon. Plus the hotel is child friendly if you want a family vacation with their very own childrens pool. Out of all the zakynthos hotels we saw, this is our favourite.


 The Diana Palace, Argassi Zakynthos Hotel Review

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