The Diana Lodge, Chippenham B&B Review

On our travels we are also looking for new places to stay. Cheaper places that won’t break the bank but still a place we can enjoy and feel comfortable in!. In 2016 my sister decided to finally get married and we needed to find somewhere to stay. It has to be noted that Chippenham isn’t the best place for stunning hotels or posh accommodation. After having a look online and finally looking on Tripadvisor we came across the Diana Lodge. It looks perfect from the pictures, a nice little oasis.

The Hostess was amazing. We had to arrive late due to work commitments although there was no issue there. We had the same service you would expect all day long, better service than some of the hotels I have stayed in. We got showed to our room and it looked stunning. When I think of B&B I think outdated, cold and damp. This room was the total opposite to any of that. Fresh rustic decor, stunning lamps and an amazing bed that slept perfectly. The room was better than some of the hotels I have stayed in and an easy 4 stars for sure!

Thanks to the room we not only had a perfect night sleep but I also discovered a new found love for distressed furniture, who would have thought! We opted for an English breakfast the next day and it was perfect. I also had some cereal and the hostess even had soya milk which I would have thought impossible to find in a B&B when I have stayed at an ibis before that had none! The food was amazing and I have to say well worth the price, the food wasn’t at an extra cost either.

I would easily recommend staying at the Diana Lodge if you don’t know where to go, I found that booking through Tripadvisor was the best route and you can read any previous reviews to put your mind at ease. I would easily stay again, an all round 4 star B&B that’s for sure.

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