Cuddle Pub Amsterdam Restaurant

The Cuddle Pub Amsterdam Review

So we got tired of eating at all the “popular” places in Amsterdam so we decided to look off the beaten track for an Amsterdam restaurant that wasn’t super busy but also had great food. We looked for the best burger Amsterdam had to offer and ended up in the Cuddle pub Amsterdam restaurant.

The Cuddle Pub is a quaint little restaurant in the heart of Amsterdam although down one of the many alleys so it can easily be missed. It’s a gem in the middle of Amsterdam and they make amazing Amsterdam burgers but I’ll get onto that later.

If you’ve eaten at the Cuddle pub in Amsterdam before, I’d love to know your thoughts. In the meantime, if you’ve not visited before then check out this review and make it a must visit Amsterdam restaurant.

Cuddle Pub in Amsterdam

The Cuddle Pub Amsterdam Review

So I’ll go over a little of what the Cuddle Pub has to offer in a moment, first though I’d like to say how amazing their name is! Every time Matt told me where we were going I’d give him a cuddle. I love eating in places with cool names!

Cuddle Pub Amsterdam Restaurant Area

The restaurant area in this Amsterdam restaurant was actually a lot bigger than I thought. When we visited there were a group of 10 eating and a couple of tables of two all full. There are “normal” seating areas at the front and towards the end, there are high tables where you can sit on tall stools and we picked one of them.

The atmosphere was great. The lights were dimmed although we could see perfectly fine. The restaurant area, including tables, chairs and the bar was all very clean and I wasn’t worried about catching anything or the preparations of our food, which I have been in other restaurants in Amsterdam.

Instead of tired art pictures or promotional photos on all the walls, the Cuddle pub has an interesting decor set up. I LOVE gin and where we sat they had a wall of gin bottles which I couldn’t get enough of. They were all Hendricks gins however so not a diverse range but it still looks cool.

There wasn’t really any disability access if you’re in a wheelchair so that’s something to keep in mind. The toilets are up some steep stairs as well. I will say the toilets were kept very clean and had enough toilet roll as well, we’ve been to some fancy restaurants and have found the toilets to be disgusting so it was nice to see.

The cuddle pub Amsterdam

Cuddle Pub Amsterdam Food

The food was great. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam and hated it, the food at the Cuddle Pub was 10x better! I know there isn’t traditional Amsterdam food when it comes to dinner but that’s why we try to find the best burger bar Amsterdam has to offer and the Cuddle Pub is one of them.

We both had a double cheese burger and got a little nervous because we like our meat well done and we’ve been to some places that can’t do it properly. At the Cuddle Pub, the owner reassured us they would be done properly and told us about the steam grill they use. I can in fact confirm that the burger was cooked amazingly, it was still juicy and tasted great.

They also have other things you can order so it’s not just an Amsterdam burger restaurant. They have burgers, tacos, steak, grilled food, and more on their menu! So if you’re looking for brunch in Amsterdam or a burger in Amsterdam, the Cuddle pub have you covered.

The food is on the pricier side compared to some of the Amsterdam restaurants we’ve eaten at but it’s easily one of the best places we’ve eaten at so we really don’t mind. You can take a look at the Cuddle pub menu below and that’s correct December 2022, prices and menu choices can change over time so keep that in mind.

The Cuddle Pub Amsterdam Review

One thing I forget to say about, the Cuddle Pub has its own spicy sauce that they make and we loved it. It is very spicy so if you’re not a fan of spicy, I’d refrain from trying it. They do have ketchup, mayo and Jack Daniels BBQ sauce as well.

We loved the Cuddle Pub in Amsterdam. It’s a hidden gem. Yes, it might cost a little more than the other places but it’s well worth it. The atmosphere is great, the food is top notch and the owner was very welcoming. The Cuddle Pub will be going into our round up posts of the best restaurants in Amsterdam. Plus if you’re looking for fast food Amsterdam has to offer, there was hardly any wait at all.

The only thing with the Cuddle pub Amsterdam is that you don’t really get a phone signal in there so you will have to talk to whoever you go with, I understand for teenagers this might be difficult but I guarantee you can get through it at the Cuddle pub!