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The Coppid Beech Hotel Review

We stayed in the Coppid Beech hotel recently for an event. It looks really nice online and we couldn’t wait. Writing reviews is what we do so we thought we’d write one on this hotel. It might be a long one but we’ll provide you with everything you need to know and look out for. I’ve not seen many Coppid Beech hotel reviews about so I’ll try and put in lots of information for people.

I have to say that the hotel feels like it’s trying to be posh but it’s outdated, it’s posh in a 1980’s way.


The coppid beech hotel location is a little out of the way, they don’t have much around it. You’re looking at a 15 minute drive into town to get any essentials, there is an Asda 15 minutes away in a shopping complex which also has other shops such as Dominos, Marks and Spencers and McDonald’s. I will also point out there’s a garage over the road but I’ll talk about that more later.

Coppid Beech Hotel Address: John Nike Way, Bracknell RG12 8TF


Coppid Beech Hotel Parking

One good thing I will say is that the coppid beech hotel free parking is amazing. I’ve stayed in a few hotels that charge you £5-£10 for parking every 24 hours so not having to pay to park was a great thing.

Check in

Check in was easy, it didn’t take that long and we had our room within 5 minutes, this was a very quiet time however and when we checked out there was a long queue and we had to wait 10 minutes just to drop our keys off. If you’re checking out, if you’re able to I’d check out early.

Coppid Beech Hotel Room

The room was a state, if you’re following us on Instagram you may have seen the stories at the time, however, let me tell you now about the various issues. Matt found enough hair in the bed he could have made a wig, I’m not talking little hair either; I mean full-length women’s hair! We also found toenail clippings all over the bedroom floor, not even the bathroom! We had a standard double bedroom and it didn’t look like it had been cleaned properly at all.

In the bathroom the glasses were dirty and had white stains on them, the sink had toothpaste in it and I had to give it a good clean because when we phoned reception no one picked up, not the best first impressions when you enter the coppid beech hotel rooms. We also had a giant spider in the room, that can’t be helped but I screamed and Matt soon evicted that! Matt also spoke with housekeeping who were still on the corridor and they didn’t seem interested in the issues in our room.

One last thing about the room doors, they don’t always shut and a few people we spoke to had the same issue. If you’re going to stay here, not that I’d recommend you do! Make sure your door is shut and locked when you leave it as the last thing you want is your room being looted! In fact I think the only nice thing I can say about the room is the art work on the little cosmetic items you get given, didn’t smell nice though!

Coppid Beech Hotel Bathroom Samples
The Coppid Beech Hotel Shampoo and Conditioner, soap and dirty glasses.

The Coppid Beech Hotel Disabled Access

Disabled access from what we could see was really good, the lifts were big enough for wheelchairs and you could easily get around the hotel in a wheelchair or with a crutch. There were ramps in key places as well. I will say that if you’re in a wheelchair the communal toilets would be inaccessible as there are small corridors and corners, I also couldn’t see any disabled toilets.

Coppid Beech Hotel Food

The food was bland and boring. I was talking to other guests that said the coppid beech hotel breakfast was a waste of time, wasn’t nice and was very overpriced. We also found the coppid beech hotel lunch to be tasteless and low quality. If you’re staying at the hotel I’d suggest not eating there, or drinking. The food and drinks are overpriced, we’re talking £24.50 for a bad bottle of wine. As I mentioned before there’s a garage over the road if you want to get some supplies and the wines only £6 a bottle!

Coppid Beech Hotel Charges

This had me in furious stitches and I didn’t know if I should laugh or get mad I have to admit! If you wanted to use their cutlery or a wine glass from the hotel, you had to pay £10. That’s £10 for a glass with ice and £10 for cutlery! The coppid beech hotel bracknell are having a laugh when it comes to ridiculous charges! If you want my opinion take travel cutlery and get a takeaway delivered, I was speaking to a manager there who even said she orders a takeaway sometimes, which just goes to show how great the food is there.

Coppid Beech Hotel Staff

This is difficult, mainly because you can’t bunch all the staff together. I will point out that some of the staff were rude, both myself and Matt got pushed out the way a couple of times by staff members, they didn’t ask to get past and they didn’t apologise for either which shocked both us and other guests we were with; there’s no excuse for having no manners when you’re in the hospitality industry.

That being said some of the staff were really helpful, the check-in staff did their best to help and give us some information; even if they did leave out the terrible charges!

Everything Else

So the coppid beech wifi is pretty good if that’s something you’re after. It’s free and the strength is really good for all your devices. We didn’t bother ordering room service due to the prices and the taste of the food so we can’t comment on that I’m afraid.

I have to say overall we will never be booking again, even if there are coppid beech hotel deals because it’s not worth the money even at a discount. The rooms were dire, the customer service needs working on and their complaints procedure and GDPR policies aren’t followed. If you have to go to an event in the hotel as we do, there’s a Travelodge 5 minutes down the road, think about stopping there instead.

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