The Conscious Tire Station Hotel ~ A Hotel Review

The Conscious Tire Station Hotel ~ A Hotel Review

We had our romantic week away in Amsterdam all planned out, then horror struck. We were never planning on staying at the Conscious Tire Station Hotel, we had already booked somewhere else. In fact it wasn’t till 10 hours before we flew that we found our 5 star hotel we had booked had fallen to a 2 star, the rooms had turned into boxes and the reviews made us want to faint! It was safe to say there was no way we would stay where we had booked, Louis would have gone mad!

So we phoned up that very morning, suitcases packed and trains booked! We told them the situation and they did everything they could, we spoke to a manager who had the booking removed and helped us book into another place as fast as possible, within an hour we had the conscious Tire Station Hotel booked and we couldn’t wait! A huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders and when we arrived at the airport we couldn’t wait to check into our hotel!

When we finally got to the hotel, around 10pm it was dark; in fact there wasn’t much to see outside so in we went to check in. Inside was spotless, clean and the staff were attentive and polite; it was like heaven! The lift up to the room was smooth, not jumping all over the place which was the best part as I know a lot of people hate scary lifts! The corridor to our room was amazing and the door number signs stood right out. unfortunately we had the one room that didn’t have a funky door number but that wasn’t a huge concern on our holiday!

Our room, what can I say. As soon as we walked in we got blown away! The space was unreal, it was clean and minimal in a stylish way! I can’t praise the room enough, there were a few bits that I would have changed though. There wasn’t a wardrobe, there was though a hole in the wall and a part where you could hang your clothes so that wasn’t too bad. As well the best was amazing, made of plastic and I’m pretty sure it was recycled plastic as well; the only issue was the gap between the mattress and the headboard where my pillows went to die! They only give you one pillow each as well, so make sure you ask for more and stuff the gap!

The Concious Tire Station Hotel BedroomI remembered to pretend to water the imaginary plants as well, the cork wall behind the bed was amazing! We may have left some business cards as well, I mean why not right? The bedroom is only half of it though, at the previous hotel we had booked we found that the bathroom was either going to be tiny or shared! We can’t travel and share a bathroom, Louis spends half hour in there just in the shower! So when we saw the bathroom in the Conscious Tire Station Hotel we couldn’t believe our luck!

Now you can’t see the amazing shower in this picture, we’re sorry! If we manage to stay again you can be sure that we’ll do a video! However check out the amazing sign on the wall, literally gave me a chuckle and of course I did as ordered!

The Concious Tire Station Hotel BathroomNow one thing we didn’t even know about the hotel until the next day, the fact that they have conscious in their name isn’t by chance! They’re totally eco-friendly! They don’t take cash because they believe it’s putting less paper into the mix, the less paper being used means the less trees destroyed to make it! You’ll find a lot of Amsterdam only take card these days, so make sure you have your card with you!

They encourage you to re-use your towels, they even sell eco-friendly products in their reception area. Example, they sell a solar-powered charger for phone and tablets, bamboo toothbrushes and all sorts of other bits; if you stay there make sure you check it all out and have a blast.

Overall we really couldn’t fault the hotel. The staff were amazing, you get a little map when you arrive which was a huge help and they were happy to sort out anything we needed. The room was amazing, loads of space and the cleaner was quick and brilliant at his job! They even have a restaurant attached to the hotel which gets mega busy every single night so if you want to eat there, get there early! We were unable to eat there this time around but we will next time; even if we’re not staying at the hotel!

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