Things to do in Zante

The Best Things To Do In Zante

You might be visiting Zante and soon realise that it’s full of gift shops and restaurants. However, you might also be thinking what can I do in Zante? We know we were and that’s why I’ve put this list together. We have tried and tested some of the best things to do in Zante so you don’t have to.

Hopefully, you’ll find something to do in Zante with this, what to do in Zante post. We actually found it really difficult to find things to do in Zakynthos in the end even with proper planning.

We planned where we wanted to eat every day and we have some great suggestions, just check out our best restaurants in Argassi post for those recommendations. However, finding fun activities in Zante was another story. Below you’ll find a list of things that we did while on holiday that we enjoyed and also a list of things that we wanted to do but didn’t have time to do.

Let us know if we’ve missed anything from this Zakynthos activities list and maybe we’ll have to try them out when we visit next time.

The Little Farm Laganas Zakynthos

I think it was 1 am and we happened to be scrolling for things to do in Zante and we found The Little Farm. I’m so glad we did, I would advise everyone and anyone to visit The Little Farm in Laganas. It’s worth the taxi ride and it’s a great day out. You don’t have to have children with you to visit although my younger brother enjoyed everything there and I would highly recommend going with children if you’re on a family holiday.

The Little Farm is €6 per person to get in and it’s well worth it. You can then pay an additional €2 to get plenty of food so you can feed the animals. I would highly suggest letting the small ducks eat from your hand, pampering the cute goats and keeping your bags away from the donkey who almost ate mine!

The Little Farm Laganas is well worth a visit. Laganas has a reputation for being the party central in Zakynthos but this little gem is hidden out of the way, away from all the partying and it’s an oasis in the hills. Get a taxi there, spend 2-3 hours there and enjoy. The people who run it are also amazing, helpful and so easy to get along with.

Take a look at our The Little Farm Laganas review and see what we thought about it in more detail, if you visit The Little Farm, you won’t be disappointed.

The Little Farm Laganas

Mini Golf Argassi

Now if you’re looking for the best things to do in Zakynthos mini golf is one of them. I know there are a few mini golfs around Zakynthos so you can pick anyone you want, however, the one in Argassi is the one we like to visit. I would also like to point out that mini golf is amazing.

When it comes to looking for things to do in Zante, mini golf has to be on the list. This Argassi mini golf is one of the best we’ve tried on the island. Per person mini golf is €6 euro and you’ll spend 1-2 hours there. The mini golf is great if you’re looking for cheap things to do in Zante or things for the family in Zante.

Mini golf is great for the whole family. One thing I would recommend is to make sure you have water with you and you’re wearing sun cream to protect your skin as you will be outside for a couple of hours making memories. When it comes to things to do in Zante, this is one of them!

Argassi Mini Gold

The Sunken Church

If you’re in Zante you’re probably going to want to visit Zante town. If you’re looking for things to do in Zante, then you are going to want to visit the famous Zakynthos sunken church. The church is full of history, if you go on a day when it’s open you can go inside and take a look.

The sunken church Zante experience won’t take that long. I suggest 30 minutes and you’ll have had your fill. When it comes for free things to do in Zante, this is one of them. Check before you go though because admission may have changed. So if you’re looking for the best things to do in Zante town, this is one.

Enjoy things to do in Zante town and grab an ice cream after from one of the local shops. If it’s a beautiful day you’ll find it stunning. If it’s a hot day I would suggest taking an umbrella to stay under the shade.

Zante Sunken Church

Turtle Trips

Zante is known for there amazing views, Greek food and turtles. So it would make sense to go on a turtle trip right? One thing I will say is when you look at booking a turtle trip, make sure you Google the company you want to book with for reviews.

If you’re in Argassi we recommend booking through Peters Tours who we used, the booking was easy to manage and affordable at the same time. So if you want cheap things to do in Zante, a turtle trip might be for you! Most turtle trips will last half a day (around 4 hours) and will have transfers included so don’t get scammed!

That being said, turtles aren’t actually guaranteed so don’t get your hopes up too much. Most trips will however show you around the island, some of the amazing Keri caves and even stop at a few places so that you can swim by the beach where the turtles lay their eggs or swim in the ocean so don’t forget your swimming gear and a towel!

Zante Turtle Trips

Argassi Bridge

If you’re visiting Zante and find yourself in Argassi, the Argassi bridge is one thing you will have to find! It took us a couple of years to find this particular tourist attraction in Zante but we’re so glad we did. It’s an old bridge which I’m assuming was part of the town before it flooded and now has no use other than looking pretty.

You can climb on top of it, but be aware it can be difficult to get up and down. Wear appropriate footwear, not flip-flops or sandals. Get someone to take amazing photos of you and best of all it goes onto the free things to do in Zante bucket list! Let me know what you think if you visit!

Argassi Bridge

Other Things To Do In Zakynthos

There are loads of things to do in Zante. That being said, we didn’t get around to doing them all but I still wanted to make a little list of things we wish we’d had time to do and maybe when we visit next we’ll be able to do them all. If you have anything you want to add to the list, send us a message and we’ll check it out!

Ceramic Lessons – Ceramic Making Classes

So this is something we looked at doing but you needed a 3-day wait period after the class so that the instructor could kiln and prepare your work and have it delivered to your hotel, we were unable to accommodate that. The class looks great. They’re up to 8 people which means they’re small and you can get what you paid for instead of being lost in the crowd.

As we haven’t done this course I can’t say it’s one of the best things to do in Zante, however, I will say that when we return to the island we will be looking at doing it and seeing what it’s all about. Have you tried Dionysia Avouri Ceramic Creations? If so let me know in the comments!

Island Safari Tour

I’ve heard the Zante safari is supposed to be amazing and one of the things you really need to do in Zante. However, when we went the temperature was getting over 40 degrees which meant the trip was cancelled and we were unable to go on it. If you’re looking for things to do in Zante and the weather is a little better, I would 110% recommend the Zante safari, we’ll be doing it when we next visit for sure!

Things To Do In Zante?

There is a lot to be done on the island of Zakynthos. If you’re looking for things to do in Zante hopefully this post has helped or given you some inspiration. We wrote this post in 2022, some places may charge more, may have changed or may have closed down. Make sure you read online at the latest reviews to ensure you’re getting the best experience your money can buy!

If you liked this post let us know! If you have suggestions on things to do in Zakynthos, also let us know because we’d love to hear them and maybe plan them into our next schedule when we visit Zante!

Top Things To Do In Zante