The Best Places To Get Vegan Food In Amsterdam - Amsterdam Vegan Restaurants

The Best Places To Get Vegan Food In Amsterdam – Amsterdam Vegan Restaurants

On our latest trip to Amsterdam, we found something amazing, vegan food is all over Amsterdam and it tastes amazing! If you’re like us and love trying new restaurants when you travel, keep reading!

If you’re typing into Google, best vegan restaurants Amsterdam you might be a little confused will all the information you’re getting, I know I was when I first tried to find vegan food in the Netherlands!

I want to talk about my experience and the places that we got to try when we went on our travels. Vegan food I have to say is different everywhere and you never know what you’re going to get, which to me makes it amazing!

Vegan Restaurants Amsterdam

There are a few vegan restaurants in Amsterdam that are well worth the try and they’re the ones that I’m going to be chatting about. If you’re looking for a vegan Amsterdam restaurant you might want to look outside the city centre!

Vegan Junk Food Bar

The Amsterdam vegan junk food bar was the first vegan place that we visited and we were very happy with it. The vegan food was amazing, they had flavours I’d never thought of before and the menu was well packed, just like my stomach when we left!

The atmosphere was amazing, I will say that when it comes to vegan restaurants I’ve noticed the staff and even customers are a lot more chilled and less frantic, which is always nice when enjoying a nice Amsterdam vegan meal!

A new vegan Amsterdam is emerging and I feel that this restaurant really represents that and other places are really following suit and understanding what it’s like to be vegan in Amsterdam.

Vegan Junk Food Bar VFJB Amsterdam Burgers

Vegan Food At Foodhallen Amsterdam

Every time we go to Amsterdam we make sure we visit foodhallen and every time we do, we try something new and totally different to what we’ve had before.

There are loads of different stalls in the Amsterdam foodhall and we found several vegan options all around the hall. If you love food, vegan or not then the foodhallen is the place you need to visit, all year round as well!

You can watch one of our earlier videos on the dutch foodhallen and see for yourself how much is there, we can’t wait to go back and show you how much it’s changed!

Amsterdam Vegan Town

There are loads of places in Amsterdam that you can get vegan food, each year more places pop up and you can find new foods that you’ve never tried before.

I love going to street markets as well, there are loads of individual stalls and they sell amazing, homemade and not mass produced food and you’re supporting local small businesses, what’s not to like.

The Best Places To Get Vegan Food In Amsterdam - Amsterdam Vegan Restaurants

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