Manchester boot sales

The Best Manchester Bootsales

We recently moved to Manchester which meant finding new bootsales to go to and finding some cool bargains. I will say that the Manchester bootsales are much bigger and sometimes better than the Bournemouth boot sales we were used to.

I thought I’d put together a list of Manchester boot sales that we’ve been to and tried out. I’ll tell you all you need to know and hopefully, you’ll find a new boot sale to go to. Of course, things do change and although we try to keep our posts updated this isn’t always possible. So if anything has changed with any of these Manchester boot sales please do let us know.

Manchester Boot Sales List

Manchester City Airport Car Boot Sale
City Airport Ltd
Liverpool Road
M30 7SA

Park Hall Car Boot Sale
Car park 7
Park Hall
Charnock Richard

Warrington’s Favourite Car Boot Sale
Newton Road
Opposite B&Q,
JCT 9 M62


Manchester City Airport Car Boot Sale

Compared to other boot sales that we’ve been to the Manchester city airport boot sale is fairly small. I would say there are on average 50-100 sellers although I would warn that around 75% of these sellers can be traders so if you’re looking for a bargain, this might not be the best place to go. They have a car parking area which doesn’t get totally full so by the time you want to leave you’ll have lots of room to get out. While you’re there you can also see the helicopters and planes in the adjacent fields, it is an airport after all.

The Manchester airport car boot sale does have toilets which are kept very clean in our opinion. There are about 15 cubicles and compared to the amount of people that visit the car boot, that’s more than enough. There are limited food and drink vans which I’m afraid we haven’t used so can’t comment on. If you want to know more, take a look at the Manchester City Airport Car Boot Sale website.

When Is Manchester City Airport Bootsale Open?

The Manchester city car boot is open every Saturday. Sellers can arrive between 7 am and 8 am. Buyers can turn up at 8 am although won’t be let into the bootsale until 9 am, as far as we can tell there is no option to pay a premium and get in early like other Manchester bootsales but we don’t think that’s a bad thing. The bootsale is open for most of the year although always find out if it’s open when you want to go so you don’t make a waster journey.

  • Manchester city airport Sellers arrive from 7 am onwards
  • Manchester city airport Buyers arrive from 8.30 am onwards

How Much Is Manchester City Bootsale?

I will admit that the Manchester city airport car boot is one of the cheapest to get into. Buyers pay £1 per person. However, be warned because if you leave the car boot and go back to the car you will need your hand stamping so you can get back in without having to pay again. £1 is cheap and well worth it for this Manchester car boot.

Sellers will have to obviously pay a little more to get into the Manchester airport car boot sale. A car will cost £12 and van’s will be £16. Compared to other bootsales in the Manchester area this is a little expensive and could be why there are normally more buyers than sellers. The high cost could also explain why the majority of sellers are traders.


Park Hall Car Boot Sale

With the Manchester park hall car boot sale I’d suggest following their Facebook group for constant updates as they’re like no other boot sale I’ve ever been to. They have select dates, some of the dates are in the morning and on the weekends which most people attend. However, they also do midweek boot sales which start at 4 pm so it’s worth taking a look.

I’ve heard great things about this Manchester boot sale. They only have selected days so make sure you take a look when the next one is on. They’re a little out of the way and obviously Manchester is a big place so do your research beforehand on where they are so you know where you’re going.

When Is Park Hall Car Boot Sale Open?

So the Park Hall Manchester boot sale isn’t like other ones where they’re open every Saturday or Sunday but they have select dates that are advertised on their Facebook Group so I’d suggest taking a look at that. They have Wednesday bootsales which start at 4 pm and weekend bootsales which start at 6 am. These dates are always changing so make sure you’re up to date with them.

How Much Is Park Hall Car Boot Fare

If you’re selling at the Park Hall car boot a car will cost you £10 and vans will cost £15. The seller’s prices are cheaper than other Manchester car boot sales so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to pay less. Buyers pay nothing, it’s free parking and entry which is a bargain in our opinion don’t you think? However, as said before make sure you’re following their Facebook page as prices may change in the future and you don’t want to be caught short.


Warrington’s Favourite Car Boot Sale

The Warrington Car boot sale is open Saturdays and Wednesdays. They have a strict no dog policy which is the first I’ve seen for Manchester bootsales so make sure you leave your puppy at home. They have been going for 23 years now and don’t look like they’ll be stopping any time soon. They actually have a very informative Warrington’s favourite car boot sale website so if you need any more information, check there.

When Is Warrington’s Favourite Car Boot Sale Open?

Warrington’s favourite car boot sale is open every Sunday 5:30 am til 1 pm which is great if you get up early. They are open on bank holiday Mondays as well 5:30 am till 1 pm and open Wednesdays 7 am till 12 pm if you fancy doing something for lunch on your Wednesday. It seems like these are the times for both buyers and sellers to turn up which is a little problematic if you’re a seller so be prepared to get swamped.

How Much Is Warrington’s Favourite Car Boot Sale

The Warrington’s Favourite car boot has different prices for different days, which again is something I’ve never seen before. Take a look below for Warrington’s Favourite car boot prices. I think the £1 entrance fee is also pretty decent considering some Manchester bootsales can be quite expensive.

Sundays: £10 per Car, £12 per Van, £20 any vehicle side on, £5 for trailer or extra-large space
Bank Holiday Mondays: £10 per Car, £12 per Van, £15 any vehicle side on, £5 for trailer or extra-large space
Wednesdays: £8 for a single pitch, £10 double pitch
£1 per vehicle entrance fee (non-stall holders)