The Best LGBTQIA+ Christmas Gifts

*Some items have been gifted for inclusion.

So Christmas comes around once a year and it’s never going to stop, I hope not anyway! I love getting Christmas gifts but sometimes some of the stuff I get really doesn’t suit me and I like my colourful gifts! That’s why I decided to put together a nice little LGBT+ Christmas gift guide this year and we really love the bits that are on it!

I won’t keep you waiting but just know that we love the products on here and wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t. I will say now that some of these items are 18+ so proceed with caution. Have a great Christmas!

LGBTQIA+ Literature

Of Love and Other Maladies – Wordville

In our opinion, there’s nothing better than poetry. It’s the window to the soul and a lot of the time when Louis is done reading them he’ll have shed a tear or two! Douglas Graham Wilson happens to be a composer of words and should never, ever quit! This Anthology is made up of some of the best poetry we’ve ever read and has to be one of our favourites.

The anthology really reflects on the fluid nature of sexuality and love and encompasses feelings that people find hard to express at the best of times. We can’t recommend it enough to be honest with you all. It’s a must read, it would make the perfect gift to anyone who loves this type of literature and it’s one that can be revisited time and time again.

Fun Games

Santa Vs Jesus

If you want an epic party game, something fun and unique. Santa Vs Jesus is the game for you! Can you make the tough choices that the game has in store for you through your tears of laughter? We had a mental time playing and it took a while due to laughing so much!

Something Naughty 18+

PLAYWIVME Erotic Card Game

So we really are getting naughty now aren’t we? This game is umm, how do we put it, spicy! It’s kind of like higher or lower where you have to guess if the number is higher or lower than a certain number. However, with this game, you have to guess the size of the, well the dick! It’s called bigger or smaller! It’s very cheeky and a lot of fun. We would also like to say that it makes a great drinking game!

PLAYWIVME Fondle Adult Game

We love a good game here at Cubsontour and this Fondle adults game is just the fun a wild party needs! Think Twister but a lot more naughty and handsey! Up to four people can play this game, maybe more if you’re really flexible and it’s a lot of fun to take part in. Remember to have fun and enjoy the night with a bit of fondle!

Sexy 6 Dice – Pride Edition

Roll the dice and see where it lands. I never got the highest number when rolling the dice but you can bet with these pride edition beauties I got exactly what I wanted. These are the perfect gift for a couple who are looking to have some fun and not hold back. If you’re in a relationship no matter for how long, you should think about getting these very, very fun dice and making a night of it.

Giant Crazy Transparent Ice Penis Mould!!

I’m not even sure how to market this, I mean it’s a huge penis!! If you’re looking to spice up a party that could otherwise be very boring, this is the thing you need. Maybe you’re feeling naughty, all the keys are in the basket and you want an icebreak to make everyone feel comfortable. This will do just that and it’s surprisingly affordable as well!

Skins Condom & Lube – Because Safe Sex Is Sexy!!

Christmas, it isn’t the time to be getting STD’s! Personally, we both think that safe sex is important at any stage in a relationship, the club bathroom or the local cruising spots! There’s nothing wrong with putting a condom on, it doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. Skins condoms are perfect for protection, still feeling good and having a fun time like you should be! They come in various flavours as well if you’re a little hungry or thirsty as it were.

Skins condoms and lube