The Best LGBTQIA+ Christmas Gift Guide

*Some items have been gifted for inclusion.

So Christmas comes around once a year and it’s never going to stop, I hope not anyway! I love getting Christmas gifts but sometimes some of the stuff I get really doesn’t suit me and I like my colourful gifts! That’s why I decided to put together a nice little LGBT+ Christmas gift guide this year and we really love the bits that are on it!

I won’t keep you waiting but just know that we love the products on here and wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t.

Toff Pride Bear Flag Watch

So this year Matt wanted a watch, when this amazing Toff watch showed up it was a no brainer! This watch is super great quality and feels expensive in your hand. Nobody wants a watch that feels like it’s about to fall apart and it has to look amazing as well!

This watch is affordable, looks great and feels great. To top it off it tells the time really well, isn’t too fast or slow and it means I’m always on time! If you know a bear who needs a new watch, you have to get him this one!


Who doesn’t love playing a game at Christmas? I have a selection for you that you’re going to love. We would both also love to point out that this is an LGBTQIA+ run business! If you haven’t figured out yet, we’re part of the community and we love to support other community people on their ventures. Check out the games below and pick something fun up!

Game For Fame!

If you’re looking to play something fun and fast-paced (in my opinion) this is the game for you. Can you manage to avoid trouble, rehab and not pay your taxes? Like to deceive your friends and enemies alike? This is the game for you and you’re going to love it. Claim your way to fame and have fun doing it.

It’s Bananas

It’s Bananas is one hell of a game, it’s fun and I (Louis) was crying with laughter by the end of it! It’s fun for the whole family in our opinion and it’s so easy to play as well. Just make sure you pick the right team otherwise you might come in last!

Santa Vs Jesus & Uproar

If you want an epic party game, something fun and unique. Santa Vs Jesus is the game for you! Can you make the tough choices that the game has in store for you through your tears of laughter? We had a mental time playing and it took a while due to laughing so much!

Uproar is a lot more simple, it’s fun and it’ll have you doing things you’d never dreamed possible. Give it a go and see what you think!