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So business cards can be a pain to find, trust me I’ve been through the motions way too many times! We tend not to bother with cards because they can be difficult to find, then when you do find a design that you fall in love with you end up paying a fortune for them and sometimes it’s just not worth it!

That being said I’ve had the honour to work with Aura Print and I have to say I’m going to be praising them to no end! The business cards that I have, well they are superb and I want to book so many holidays just so I can give the cards out, seriously they’re that good!

Why I’m Loving Aura Print

So it’s all well and good me saying, I love them and you should shop from them but I know my readers want to know why and they want the honest truth which I’m always happy to dish out!

So to begin with Aura Print business cards use recycled materials in their business cards. I am 110% behind using recycled materials and being more eco-conscious, seeing this made me smile! I can give my business cards out and not feel guilty, unlike other card companies that shall not be named!

Aura Print have so many designs, design options and options that you’ll be spoilt for choice! The great thing about Aura Print is that you can drop them an email and get help with your card design, they are experts in their field and they’ll help in any way possible! In fact, they helped design the business cards I’m showing off today!

It doesn’t matter what shape, size or colour you want your business card, they do it all. They also offer so many other services such as business banners, wedding stationery, menus, flags and so much more! They have a diverse product range and they never skimp on quality, what’s not to like!

About Aura Print

I’m always a little worried when it comes to going with new companies that I’ve never used before, which is why I always do my homework before I go anywhere new! I checked out Aura Print before working with them and they have hundreds of 5-star reviews online, if that’s not something to be proud of I don’t know what is!

Is Aura Print good? Yes! They have a quick turnaround, you won’t have to wait long and that’s great if you have a business to run and you’re almost out of cards! They have competitive prices, I hate spending too much money on something I’m giving away and that’s not the case here.

Their customer service is also amazing, I had to send a couple of emails to them and I had a response within 24 hours! Most companies will tell you that you need to wait 3-5 working days to hear anything back, Aura Print customer service is amazing.

If you want the best custom business card printing then it’s Aura Print that you want. I have tried to work with other business card companies before and I get so fed up, they never see my vision for what I want, they take days to respond to me and they never get it right! With Aura Print, they ticked every box I had!

Cubsontour Aura Print Business Cards

So our new cards that we LOVE! We were amazed with them when we got them. We gave the details and our logo to Aura Print and they designed the whole thing and we couldn’t be happier. It showcases everything we’re about, the colours, fonts and logos are everything we are about.

We also love the little touches that the Aura Print experts thought about! Our cards are made from Kraft paper which is a great link to our crafting background and shaped like luggage tags because we are mainly travel focused, it’s the little things that make the difference and make them stand out.

You can bet that when we run out of business cards we will be going straight back to Aura Print and buying even more, they are the best cards we’ve ever got and will be getting more for sure!

It’s obvious if you want unique, one of a kind business cards that are going to stand out and catch the eye of potential clients or customers, you need to get business cards with Aura Print!