Bournemouth Bootsale Guide

The Best Bootsales In Bournemouth!

We love going to bootsales and love grabbing a bargain! The only problem is there aren’t many bootsales in Bournemouth apart from the two we really love, that’s why I thought it would be a good idea to put a post together and highlight the best Bournemouth bootsales that we’ve tried and tested! Plus if you’re visiting and you’re looking for things to do in Bournemouth, what better than to visit a bootsale!

Bournemouth Boot Sales List & Dorset Boot Sales List

Ashley Heath car boot sale
Homeland Farm,
Three Legged Cross,
BH21 6QZ

Canford Magna Boot sale
Canford Park Arena
Magna Road
Wimbourne, Dorset
BH21 3A

Strawberry Fields Boot sale
Strawberry Fields,
Lymington (A337)
SO41 8PT

Ashley Heath Wimbourne Car Bootsale

Ashley heath is one of the largest bootsales in the South West, you can pick up loads of bargains and it’s one of the cheapest around as well; whereas the other bootsales are a bit more costly. Ashley Heath does have quite a few traders but that isn’t a bad thing if you’re looking for a new pair of trainers or to buy eggs in bulk.

Where Is Ashley Heath Car Bootsale?

Ashley Heath is in Wimbourne, just outside of Bournemouth and it’s not difficult to get to. You can easily put it in your sat nav and get there with no issues, it’s around 20 minutes drive from Bournemouth and because you’re leaving in the morning there’s no traffic.

Ashley Heath car bootsale address
Homeland Farm,
Three Legged Cross,
BH21 6QZ

When Is Ashley Heath Car Boot Sale Open?

For a Bournemouth car boot sale it’s open most of the year, depending on weather. They open at the start of March and close towards the end of December. I’d suggest visiting in the summer time because that’s when it’s most busy and you’re bound to get bargains! I will put the Ashley Heath bootsale times below which can be found on their website, however I’d suggest getting there for around 6am as people tend to get there earlier, even more so in summer.

  • Ashley Heath Sellers arrive from 6:30am onwards
  • Ashley Heath Buyers arrive from 6:30am onwards

Ashley Heath Car Bootsale Specifics

Ashley Heath carboot can hold up to 5,000 cars, the car parks tend to get very full up which is another reason why you want to get there early. The fields can hold up to 700 stalls as well and in summer they get full up and the big Bournemouth bootsale end up turning sellers away as they got there too late and the fields are full. You don’t need to book in and you can just arrive at any time, again get there early if you want bargains. There are plently of food trucks that are regulated by the bootsale and at affordable prices, we do love a bootsale burger!

How Much Is Ashley Heath Bootsale?

So amazingly it only costs £1 for buyers to get in, there is no early fee unlike other bootsales in the area and you can arrive at any time after 6:30am till an hour before hand and still only pay £1. It’s a cheap Bournemouth bootsale with loads of bargains for a buyer. If you’re walking or on a bike then you don’t have to pay at all!

It cost £5 for a car seller, £7-£10 for a van depending on the size and you’ll get given a price on arrival for a big van/lorry which is normally around £15-£20 but again depends on size. You need to make sure you’ve got enough stuff if you want to sell. People come to Ashley Heath for a bargain so if your prices are too high people won’t buy and you won’t make much profit.

Canford Magna Bournemouth Car Boot Sale

Canford Magna is the second biggest car boot sale in Bournemouth, Poole area and it’s always busy. You won’t find as many bargains there as Ashley Heath car boot however as the prices tend to be a little bit higher. We find that sellers will go to Ashley Heath for 6am and then pack up around 9am-10am and make their way over to Canford Magna to sell whatever they have left, so we end up bumping into sellers all over again!

Where Is Canford Magna Car Bootsale?

Canford Magna is just outside of Bournemouth, I don’t think there any any decent bootsales in Bournemouth to be fair. It’s the same area as the Ashley Heath bootfair though so it’s not a long drive if you leave Ashley Heath at the right time.

Canford Park Arena
Magna Road
Wimbourne, Dorset
BH21 3A

When Is Canford Magna Car Boot Sale Open?

Canford Magna has totally different times and opens a lot later than that of Ashley Heath. Here are the Canford Magna bootsale opening times.

  • Canford Magna Sellers arrive from 9:00am onwards
  • Canford Magna Early Buyers arrive from 9:30am onwards
  • Canford Magna Buyers Arrive from 11am onwards

Canford Magna Car Bootsale Specifics

There are loads of stalls at Canford Magna, some might say that it’s bigger than Ashley Heath but I’m not too sure. Canford Magna have a list of non permitted items that you’re unable to sell, located below. The toilets are always nice and clean, well before 1pm anyway and the food trucks are always regulated and checked.

Non permitted items to sell;

  • food and drink except on recognised concession vehicles
  • counterfeit and pirate items
  • tobacco and cigarettes
  • alcohol wine or spirits
  • prescription or pharmacy
  • medicines knives (except kitchen knives)
  • firearms or dangerous weapons
  • pornographic material
  • fireworks or flammable items
  • anything deemed illegal under current UK law.

How Much Is Canford Magna Bootsale?

So Canford Magna has a different pricing guide, it’s a big all over the place in my opinion and they say if you get there too early you’ll pay more but we’ve never had to when we’re 10/15 minutes too early. Here’s a list of prices for Canford Magna bootsale;

  • Early buyers from 09.30am now £10 per car.
  • Buyers past 11am cost £1/ car
  • Sellers with a car cost £6, sellers with a small van cost £7, sellers with a medium van cost £10 and sellers with a large van cost £15. Trailers will cost you an extra £3 for a small trailer and £5 for a large trailer.

The problem with Canford Magna is that the prices are higher for selling so sellers want to sell more which inflates the prices. If you want a bargain, you might not find it at Canford Magna bootfair, however you might get lucky so it’s worth checking it out, even if it’s to get your fitbit steps up!

Other Bournemouth Located Bootsales

To be fair there aren’t really any that we’ve found and that we like. We’ve been going to these two bootsales for a couple of years now and we like them, they’re run well and not overly expensive to get in if you go at the right times. Even if we don’t find anything we get out of the house and get our steps in and again who doesn’t love a bootsale burger!

If you know of any other bootsales in Bournemouth that we should be checking out do let us know in the comments and we’ll have to go along. I’d also love to know if there any any good, regular jumble sales as they don’t seem to be a thing in the South West and it’s a big shame!

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