The best restaurants in Amsterdam

The Best Amsterdam Restaurants

We ate out a lot when we went to Amsterdam and that’s why I wanted to put this best Amsterdam restaurants post together so we could share some of our favourite places to eat. The Amsterdam restaurants will be in no particular order but we do recommend giving them all a try because they’re totally worth it!

It doesn’t matter what time of year you visit Amsterdam, these places are open all year round and you have to try them. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best burger bar Amsterdam has to offer or the best vegan restaurant Amsterdam has, you’ll find something for everyone on this list.

A lot of these Amsterdam restaurants will be situated within Amsterdam itself, that doesn’t matter though because I’m sure you’ll find as soon as you step foot into the city you’ve been doing a ton of walking. A short walk to some of the best Amsterdam restaurants isn’t going to hurt.

Take a look at the out list below to find some delicious Amsterdam food. The list isn’t in any particular order. They will link back to any reviews we’ve done on the establishments and give an honest review of what we actually thought of these Amsterdam restaurants.

The Cuddle Pub Amsterdam Restaurant

Easily one of our favourite restaurants that we found in Amsterdam. It’s one of the places where you can sit down and enjoy a nice meal. The customer service was amazing, the owner was a delight to talk with and better yet, the food was superb. We’d tried a few burger bars Amsterdam had to offer but this one has to be in our top three.

It’s your hidden Amsterdam gem, a hidden pub if you will. The food is great, the cost is average for what you’d expect in Amsterdam at the moment and it deserves the top spot on our Amsterdam restaurants list, even if they’re not in order!

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Cuddle Pub Amsterdam

Fat Phills Amsterdam

We first saw Fath Phills on TikTok and thought we had to give it a try. We had no idea what kind of place it was but we soon discovered it was a little restaurant tucked away down a side street. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time we visit Amsterdam that they’ve moved to a much bigger location.

Their burgers are amazing. Honestly, it’s one of the best burger bars Amsterdam has to offer and I suggest to anyone visiting Amsterdam, to take a look at this Amsterdam restaurant and grab a bite to eat! Get their fries with literally everything on them! I would also point out that for their serving sizes and how great the food is, it’s an affordable Amsterdam restaurant!

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Fat Phills Amsterdam Food

La Roma Pizzeria Amsterdam Restaurant

La Roma was a little Amsterdam pizzeria that was situated near our apartment that we were staying in for our 2022 trip to Amsterdam. It’s a quaint little restaurant, great if you’re a family of four or a couple just looking for a nice meal. The prices are standard for most Amsterdam restaurants and the customer service was superb compared to some of the places we’d eaten at.

They make amazing pizzas, calzones and even pasta dishes. It’s a truly authentic Italian in the outskirts of Amsterdam and you’d be foolish to miss it! It’s in our top restaurants Amsterdam has to offer list and that’s why you should go and check them out! They take cash and card, whereas a lot of places in Amsterdam are now moving to cards only.

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Amsterdam Pizzeria Steakhouse La Roma

Verona Amsterdam Restaurant

Verona is an amazing little Italian in the heart of Amsterdam. It’s tucked out of the way a little but it gets very busy so if you’re thinking about going at lunchtime, you might have an issue finding a table. We ate there three times while we visited Amsterdam in 2022, and we found the best time to go is between 2pm-3pm if you want an inside table.

We ended up getting Pasta each time we visited this establishment and it was super yummy! I will say there pizza is also very nice and if you’re looking for an Italian restaurant in Amsterdam, this has to be one that you visit.

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Amsterdam Verona restaurant outside

The Corner House Amsterdam Restaurant

In our quest for Amsterdam restaurants, we came across The Corner House restaurant and have to say we were pleasantly surprised. The reviews online were very mixed but we found the food to be yummy and in comparison to some of the places we ate, also affordable.

I will say that the customer service was a little mixed, on one occasion we did encounter a manager who was a little too big for his boots, he took to bossing people around a little too much and we felt rather uncomfortable, this was our last visit. The corner house was mixed but the food was well worth it.

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Amsterdam Corner House restaurant

O’Donnell Amsterdam Pub Restaurant

O’Donnell’s Amsterdam is one of our favourite pubs to finish when we visit Amsterdam. It’s a friendly Amsterdam restaurant just on the outskirts of Amsterdam but it’s still pretty easy to find. Is it one of the best Amsterdam restaurants? Yes, I’d say it’s on the list and that’s why it’s in this post.

Do they have the best burger Amsterdam has? It’s totally in our top five. If you want a lush cheeseburger, the Irish Pub O’Donnell’s has what you’re looking for! We love O’Donnell’s Amsterdam and will be back when we visit next that’s for sure!

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Irish pub O'Donnell's

Amsterdam Restaurants

I hope this list of the best Amsterdam restaurants has helped you plan where you’re going to eat when you visit Amsterdam. If you’re on a budget and looking to plan everything you do, make sure you know how much money to take to Amsterdam as you might be surprised at what costs money and what doesn’t.

We both hope you enjoy your trip to Amsterdam, let us know where you ate and hopefully, you’ll have some amazing Amsterdam food to enjoy while you visit. If you visit over the more quiet and cold months you’ll find that these places are usually more quiet or full of locals.

the best amsterdam restaurants
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