Summer Accessories For Effortless Style While On Vacation

When the warm weather starts to kick in, and the layers of wool and thermals start to come off, dressing for the heat can be tricky by itself. When switching to lighter fabrics, and fewer layers, it can often be the case that you feel a little underdressed – and when you are jetting off, you don’t want to take up too much room with extra accessories! 

So what accessories add effortless style – but work perfectly for summer vacations?


You’re not looking for the type of strappy sandal that rubs your little toe, chafes your ankle, and leaves you limping. Often with cheaper sandals, the material is more likely to cut into your feet and make for some uncomfortable moments. Mules are one of the easiest to wear summer shoes, and they come in a lot of styles. 

Invest in a high-quality soft leather part of the slides, and you aren’t likely to want to wear any other show for the entire summer. Slides just have a single piece of material that goes over the top of the foot and have open toes and an open back. Ultra cool, and if you get them in a nude, tan, or black, they will go with everything. 

Walking sandals from Teva can be an ideal option for those who are always busy and don’t like the feel of warm leather. Typically made with adjustable cotton straps and a cushioned sole, walking sandals are trendy, lightweight, and chic too. 


Sunglasses are a must when the sun is shining – they are one of the best ways to protect the sensitive skin around your eyes and prevent you from getting sunburned there. Make sure that you choose a pair that has UV protection to some level. 

Just like regular glasses, you are going to want to have a style and shape that suits you, but unlike regular glasses, it is worth investing in a few pairs. Try to have a pair of everyday glasses that you can grab quickly or throw in your bag when you leave the house and a pair of sunglasses that work for more dressy occasions. For low-key high-end sunglasses, Prada has a great selection – and there is something to suit all face shapes and styles too. 

Midriff Chains 

For those who can’t get enough of belly tops and love to have a little more skin out than usual, you can take the opportunity to wear some midriff chains. They come in a huge range of styles, too, meaning you can go OTT and find multilayered chains with dangling details. Or, you can opt for a dainty thin chain just to add a bit of sparkle to your day. 

Midriff chains are perfect if you want to try the big trend of chain harnesses but don’t want to have something that hangs from the neck and snakes its way down. 


Mochila is the word for bags that work perfectly in the summer. The great thing about a Mochila bag is that they aren’t heavy, and they add a relaxed boho style feel to any outfit. A true Mochila bag will be made by the people indigenous to Colombia. They are brightly colored, come in different sizes – and make a perfect match with the sunshine. 

If they are too colorful for you, then the hobo bag might be the perfect alternative. A hobo bag is usually crescent-shaped and slouchy – giving that relaxed summer vibe that you are looking for. 

Perhaps you want to ditch the big bag altogether – if so, think about either a fanny pack or a phone bag. 

A phone bag is ultra slim and designed to carry just a couple of things – your phone, a slim purse, and maybe some travel passes. Depending on the style you choose, they may have a detachable pound designed for headphones in cases around the size of AirPods. 


You can cover your body and face in sun cream, but the top of your head, tips of your ears, and back of your neck are at a high sunburn risk – even if you put some on. A baseball cap is a great option for keeping your face covered – but you’ll need to remember to apply plenty of cream at regular intervals to uncovered places. 

The best option, and the one that can make you feel incredible (when you get the right one), is a large floppy hat. The fold-up hat is lightweight, covers a decent amount of your delicate skin, and looks incredibly chic too! 

Don’t be tempted to splurge on extras when you reach your destination either – unless they are a once-in-a-lifetime deal. Saving your cash while on holiday isn’t easy, but it is doable – 4 Easy Ways To Budget On Holiday