Sotto Amsterdam Pizza Restaurant Review

Sotto Amsterdam Pizza Restaurant Review

While on holiday we’ve been looking at various places to eat and really wanted to try some yummy Amsterdam pizza while on holiday. We wanted to find the best pizza Amsterdam had to offer and with the Sotto restaurant we found some really nice pizza. If you’re looking for Amsterdam restaurants I’d suggest checking this place out without a doubt, it’s a place the locals love and you will as well!

Sotto Location

Sotto Amsterdam Location – Kadijksplein

The Sotto restaurant we went to was in Kadijksplein. It’s out of town but really yummy. It’s a place the locals go to eat and it’s well worth the visit. It’s right next to the canal and there are some really nice views, great atmosphere as well!

Sotto Amsterdam Location – Amstelveenseweg

This is the second Sotto restaurant in Amsterdam, we didn’t try this one but did have a look in as we passed and it was even busier than the other. It depends on where you’re staying in Amsterdam as to what one you go to, go to the nearest one and have a really nice pizza!

Sotto Food, Sotta Pizza

Sotto Pizza Menu

So the whole menu is pizza related, I couldn’t even find chips! What I will point out is the Sotto menu is all in Dutch, so if you want something in particular you might have to ask the staff or use google translator. We went with a mystery pizza! I’ll drop a picture of some of the menu below, it’s really nice and there’s a nice choice to pick from, it just might take you a while.

Sotto Amsterdam Pizza Restaurant Review

Sotto Pizza

Prosciutto Cotto Pizza, I had this pizza, I have to say the pizza was huge and really yummy. The prosciutto was really nice, the pizza was hot enough when it came out and I really enjoyed it. I will say that there was a little too much oil on the pizza which let it down a little bit, I also had to cut it myself and I do love when my pizza is pre cut. I would order it again though.

Sotto Amsterdam Pizza Restaurant Review Prosciutto Cotto Pizza

Salame Pizza, Matt had the salame pizza, the sotto spicy salame pizza in fact. There were huge salame pieces on the pizza, the only issue was there was also way too much oil, to the point it was dripping off and the pizza got colder a lot faster than mine did. Also not pre cut either.

Sotto Amsterdam Pizza Restaurant Review Salame Pizza

Sotto Restaurant

Sotto Restaurant Customer Service

The staff were really nice at the pizza place, I find most of the Amsterdam staff in nice restaurants to be really polite. Didn’t have an issue with any staff at this Amsterdam pizza joint and they couldn’t have been anymore helpful if they tried.

Sotto Restaurant Disabled Access

There wasn’t any I’m afraid. This pizzeria Amsterdam isn’t accessable if you’re in a wheelchair I’m afraid. There are steps to get into the restaurant, not much space to move a wheelchair around, plus the toilets have steps to get into. If you’re just finding it hard at walking you should be okay, I’ve bin using a crutch for over a year and I was able to get round the restaurant.

Sotto Restaurant Prices

The prces wern’t that bad if I’m honest, we’ve ate at more expensive places in Amsterdam. The drinks were €2.50 each, the Salame Pizza was €13.90 and the Prosciutto Cotto Pizza was €12.90. Considering the size of the pizza and what you’re getting the amount paid is spot on. Prices may go up from when I wrote this post, June 2019.

Sotto Amsterdam Pizza Restaurant Review

Sotto Payment Method

You can only pay by card in the restaurant and you can’t pay by cash. This is something that’s changing in Amsterdam and a lot of places now only take card payments.


The restaurant was really nice but lacking in areas, I’d happily go again although if possible ask for less oil on the food. I couldn’t find chips or anything like that on the menu, it was all pizza based meals. It was a bit out of town as well, however as I’ve shown above there are two restaurants that you can visit depending on where you are.

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