Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok hotel review

Radisson Blu Plaza ~ Bangkok Hotel Review

So I’ve been putting off this review for a while now due to our stay being so mixed. Normally when I stay at a hotel it’s either good or bad, this was so mixed I couldn’t call it. So I’m going to write this review and let you see for yourself the kind of time we had at the Radisson Blu Plaza. You can then let me know if you think it was worth it!

We stay in some nice places but we never go out of our way to spend extra just to stay somewhere mega fancy, this time we did. I say that although we only actually paid £845.31 for two weeks through Hotels.com which was fantastic. Even more so when you overhear people in the reception area talking about how they paid almost 3k for two weeks! However upon checking in we hit our first speed bump!

Don’t get me wrong 80% of the reception team were lovely, one guy called Jack went out of his way to help us our entire trip. However we got told that we would need to pay THB2000.00 deposit. This was to roll over every day until our stay when we would get the money back. Only problem was we had been misinformed and when we went to pay the deposit they wanted THB28,000!! Now there was no way we could pay that, it was around £750 at the time, so we ended up paying THB10,000 which was still a mega amount!

The reception understood our frustration although there wasn’t much they could do except for dropping the deposit by a considerable amount, although that didn’t stop some of the issues we had in the room; issues which I’ll talk about later! Now though I’m going to break the hotel down into sections and talk about them in turn, giving an overall view on the stuff that really matters.

#1 ~ The Room!

We went with a deluxe room, making sure that there was a double bed for starters. The bed was huge, which we loved. The bathroom was big and clean with complimentary soaps etc. However there was a glass window in the bathroom, something we encountered before in Benidorm. The only difference this time there was a blind that you could put down so your other half didn’t have to see you on the toilet! Overall the room was perfect, due to it being a special occasion as well they left flowers on the bed a nice little macaroons on the table!

Roses in Raddison Blu

The mini bar was fully stocked although we didn’t use it at all, just like most hotels it was all overpriced, full of plastic and you could buy everything from a shop two minutes walk away without any hassle. The hotel also provided laundry service which we did have to use. We thought that there would be a balcony, which there wasn’t as we had been put on the 10th floor. So we were unable to wash and dry our clothes in the room. I would also like to point out that there is a TV in each room and you get loads of films on them, we watched bad moms about 10 times over the course of the two weeks when the rain was so heavy we couldn’t go anywhere! I would like to point out though that the view from the room was perfect!

It wasn’t until the second week that we started to encounter problems. The shower broke, the temperature control had broken and was stuck on boiling! Boiling is a huge problem when you’re in one of the hottest places on earth and want a nice cool shower when you’re back. Secondly the lights started to flicker, until they started blowing with some serious loud bangs! We had to get the maintenance person to fix them right away! It took him a good few hours and the next day they fell down!!

It seemed that there was problem after problem within the second week, they even offered to switch our rooms which we thought would be great until they said that there would be two single beds and not a double; we stayed in our room after hearing that. The hotel ended up giving us 4 pieces of laundry free per day for the rest of our trip which was the remaining 5 days, perfect for our swimming clothes though!

I would also like to point out that the room service, food wise was okay. Some days it was perfect, on point and highly recommended. A couple of times it was horrible, burger cooked wrong and chips cold. So I would recommend eating out whenever you can because it was a pot luck and you never know what you might get!

#2 ~ The Pool

I’ve never been too confident with the pool, at the Diana Palace we usually go in when everyone else has gone because I feel body conscious. However at this particular hotel there was hardly anyone using it and I had lost almost two stone for the trip so I was ready to go swimming! I will point out that it took us almost 3 days to find goggles each so if you’re going I would totally advise buying some goggles for yourself before you go!

The pool area was clean, big and lovely. I don’t think it was heated but because it’s so hot there it didn’t matter. The water was the right temperature and everyone could enjoy it. Literally I have no problems with the pool itself and the area around it, although we had to use the toilets in the gym because the pool toilets were closed our entire trip, I did get to see the gym hotties in action! The only pictures I got of the pool unfortunately are of me in it! Sorry about the face, my mum loves it when I pull it haha and no filter because the pool was perfect!

Me in pool Raddison Blu

However there was a downside. The pool was quiet yes, however that meant the hotel didn’t bother putting any staff up there to watch out. There was no lifeguard and no staff keeping an eye on things unless it got busy. Which meant the first night we got there a family of 8 decided to jump in the pool, they decided not to bother with swimming costumes and use their underwear and I’m pretty sure one guy jumped in fully dressed!

They dived, splashed and had no consideration for anyone else. They got our clothes soaked and everything we had with us. Luckily our phones and wallets were in a bag so they didn’t get soaked. We did have a word with reception that sent someone up to sort them out but it wasn’t on and the respect some people have is unreal! Note to the hotel though, have someone there who is lifeguard trained at all times as you never know what will happen!

#3 ~ The staff

So in my opinion the staff make the hotel. It doesn’t matter if the room and pool happen to be on point, the staff are the backbone. Thankfully as I mentioned before 80% of the staff at the hotel were perfect. A couple had attitude problems but that could be overlooked easily. Jack on reception was amazing and helped us at every turn. We even ended up giving him and a couple others some gifts that we picked up in the local mall!

They gave us all the information we needed on the BTS, booking taxis and finding where everything was. They even wrote down. “meat well done” in Thai so that I could give it to restaurants so my burger was cooked to perfection! Again they went above and beyond and I really couldn’t fault them. We had a problem with a taxi trying to scam us at one point and we got rushed into the hotel and they dealt with it making us feel valued and safe.

Jack from reception raddison blu

#4 ~ Everything else

The hotel had some other bits that were worth mentioning it has to be said. The live entertainment in the reception area was amazing. They had live music on almost every night and we ended up giving a few acts tips because they were on point. They also have macs in the reception area so if you’re there on business you have something to work on, I would suggest not opening any personal or banking details on them though! Not to mention the free WIFI you get throughout the hotel and the signal is strong everywhere, unlike other hotels I’ve stayed at where you get hardly any signal in the rooms!

It was a bit weird seeing all the lady boys and prostitutes walking around freely, getting solicited by one who had literally just done her job was also rather weird, thankfully I don’t swing that way nor do I pay for it! The lifts only worked if you had the key card for the floor you needed which was great so no uninvited guests and the hotel had no problem with you having food delivered to your room, how amazing is that!

Oh and the cleaning staff, amazing! We ended up leaving a tip and our bits behind for them. We always leave our bits behind like shampoo etc. It’s room and weight we didn’t want extra for our cases and in some cases they are half full so they might as well be used. I never know if they get used or thrown away but either way it was fine with us! Oh and did I mention the amazing view from the pool?

So on conclusion?

The stay was overall okay. There were issues as you could see but I still think it was worth the price that we paid, not the price that everyone else had to pay. It was supposed to have a 5 star rating, it was a 4 star at best and I’m pretty sure they had a manager in making changes so they could claw back the 5 star rating they recently lost.

Would I stay again? If the price was the same or less then yes I would easily stay again. Even thought the rude families and screaming children did put a damper on the business and luxury feel of the hotel it was still a lovely place to stay. Rom for improvement? Toilet roll not being so thin, a lifeguard and pool supervision and a few little bits here and there!

Thank you for reading that huge hotel review! Leave me a comment if you’ve ever stayed at a Radisson Blu and if your experience was similar to mine or totally different? Did you get a great deal on price like us or pay through the teeth for something that wasn’t worth it? Either way let me know!

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