Port Benidorm ~ A Spanish Hotel Review

Port Benidorm ~ A Spanish Hotel Review

Port Benidorm, a nice little hotel or so we thought. We booked a nice last minute holiday holiday back in 2017 and couldn’t wait. The whole week, flights and hotel included costed us just under £400. Travel agents told us we wouldn’t get it under £500 so we went online and beat all their quotes!

I’m here to talk about the hotel though, not the amazing savings we continue to make! If you’re after that then please check out our money saving tips! I’m going to break the hotel down into sections. On hotels.com the hotel is rated 4 star, when we arrived we got told they were 5 star, I’m about to tell you why they were barley a 3 star so hold onto your hats!

First Impressions of Port Benidorm Hotel

First impressions were great, I couldn’t wait to get inside. Once I got inside I had mixed feelings from the get go! The hotel looked posh enough, more tailored to older people from the decor. In fact almost everyone around us happened to be over 50 years old so that was a little nerving.

We rocked up to the counter, ready for our holiday and my gosh. The staff were rude, looked at us like two hooligans about to trash the place! If you’ve looked at our other posts you know we like to stay in some amazing places like the Diana Palace and Radisson Blu Plaza. Not about to trash the place, although these people thought otherwise. So after a snotty reception we made our way to the room. I have to say that the only time we visited reception after that was to check out, not an experience we wanted to recreate!

So first impressions weren’t good at all and we wish it got better, we really did. We thought oh well we didn’t pay loads so it’s not that bad….

What Are The Rooms Like In Port Benidrom Hotel?

The room looked lovely as soon as we walked in, in fact even though we had been placed so high up the balcony was still amazing, we just didn’t get too close to the edge all that often! The bed was nice and then we noticed it… The elephant in the room so to speak, or as most people call it; the bathroom.

The whole wall around the bathroom was made of glass. There was a small section frosted which was supposed to shield outside viewers from seeing you inside the bathroom, it didn’t work! In fact it got so bad that I made the other half go and sit on the balcony whenever I used the bathroom and I did the same for him! On a plus note though the shower was very nice so that was good, even if it did leak after a couple of days.

View from balcony port benidorm hotel

What Is The Food Like At Port Benidorm Hotel?

We went half board, if you’ve checked out my budget friendly post then you’ll see that I always encourage you to go all inclusive or half board whenever you can because it saves on so much money! We got excited to try some cool Spanish food, after all previous hotels always had food from the country. All the food was English, I mean how disappointing although one night they had Indian food….

So I don’t really know what to say about the food, I will say that the “breakfast” they give to people who leave early is appalling! We got told that they have a buffet just like every morning so that people who leave early can get a nice breakfast before their flight. Ha! Basically we got a plate full meat and water. They didn’t have a vegetarian option either so if you don’t eat meat you go hungry! We weren’t impressed and got a quick bite to eat at the airport!

Terrible breakfast port benidorm hotel

Extra Details of the Port Benidorm Hotel

The lift was out of order for most of our trip and only one was working so we had a queue for the lift. The entertainment was pretty good though, more tailored towards the older generation but still connectable. It was a shame that everyone was older, I didn’t mind the people I just didn’t like getting looks and talked down to by the staff there. We didn’t spend much time in the hotel that’s for sure and we enjoyed the company of the beach!

Oh and the prices in the hotel are disgusting, I think it was 4 euros for a bottle of water so make sure you check out the local supermarket and stock up as soon as possible! Mostly the hotel was dreadful. We made sure that it had a heated pool as well as we wanted to relax and I don’t like swimming in the beach. Now we went in February so I made sure the pool was heated and that it would be open, it wasn’t so I didn’t really need my swimming trunks!

I wouldn’t stay there again that’s for sure. Maybe if you paid me or if they offered to have us back on a review basis to see how much it had improved, overall though I was disappointed and I’m glad we paid what we did. That’s why sometimes a last minute holiday is the best. You’re not paying too much and if it’s a crap hotel or the flights were rough at least the price was okay! So you can see why it’s a 3 stars hotel in my book, Matt however said 2 stars; I wouldn’t recommend staying yourself just to find out though! If you’re after more hotel reviews check out my other posts, we have stayed at some nice ones I swear!

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