Planning Where To Sleep On A Road Trip

After a long day of driving, you need somewhere to rest your head. But just what is the best accommodation option while on a road trip? This post compares some of the most popular options and the pros and cons of each.

In a motel/hotel

Renting a motel or hotel room is the most expensive option, but you’re usually guaranteed the best night’s sleep. On top of a room with a bed and bathroom in it, you may get access to hotel facilities such as wi-fi, restaurant facilities and maybe even a pool. It depends on how much you’re willing to pay.

Motels are hotels that are specifically aimed at people on car journeys. They tend to be a lot more basic than regular hotels, but still quite luxurious compared to other options in this post.

Planning out motels or hotels in advance can be worthwhile – on some roads you may drive for miles before coming across any hotel. Planning in advance also allows you to check out prices and read reviews, preventing you from stopping at a hotel that’s overpriced or poor quality. 

In an RV or camper trailer

Camper trailers and RVs give you access to a bed on wheels. You can park up pretty much anywhere for the night and have access to a bed. Such vehicles and trailers can cost thousands of dollars to buy, but they can be a worthy investment in the long run if you like to go on many road trips, saving you the cost of having to rent hotel rooms. 

RVs and camper trailers can be very basic or quite luxurious, depending on what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend. The most basic options are small trailers that contain nothing more than space for a single bed. The most elaborate options are motorhomes containing kitchen facilities, bathroom facilities and more. 

Caravans and compact camper vans are the typical mid-range option. Your best option is to look for a camper van or caravan for sale online where you’ll find the most options and best prices. Second-hand trailers and vehicles are typically much cheaper than brand new ones.

In a tent

A less luxurious option could be to sleep in a tent. This could be in a campsite or by the side of the road. A tent is cheaper to buy than a camper trailer or motorhome, plus it’s cheaper than staying in motels. 

You can buy car tents that attach to your car. This includes rooftop tents that sit on the roof of your car, allowing you to park up anywhere and pitch up a tent without worrying about the ground conditions. 

In your car

Another option is to sleep in your car. This is typically referred to as ‘car camping’ – it could involve sleeping in the front seat or taking down the backseats and sleeping in the back.

Sleeping in a car is typically not very comfortable and likely isn’t something you want to do multiple nights in a row. That said, it’s a cheap option and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of looking for a hotel or putting up a tent.