Perfect Road Trip Snacks For Long Journeys!

Perfect Road Trip Snacks For Long Journeys!

So I’m used to long journeys, we visit Wales often which is around 5-7 hours depending on traffic and having to stop so I can have a wee! When you’re on the road for close to 7 hours, you get hungry! Let’s not beat around the bush, service stations are expensive; they raise the price because they know you’re going to pay it and it totally sucks! Which is why I always stop up on snacks!

However it’s all well and good stocking up but you need to know what to get. For example, you don’t want to fill the car up with chocolate to be stuck in traffic and have it melt everywhere. If you’re going to buy snacks make sure the car isn’t going to be scorching, if it is then stay away from anything that melts!So I’m basically going to go over everything I love to grab when on a long journey.

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Like I said before, if it’s hot stay away from what melts. However let’s take a normal day in this situation. Obviously you’re going to want a meal deal. If you’re losing weight head to Tesco and get a healthy sandwich which are around 300 calories depending on what you get, a coke zero and treat yourself on some crisps. If you’re not on a diet though, get whatever sandwich or wrap you want, go full fat coke and get whatever snack you want.

Within say 1-3 hours that meal deal is going to be gone!! Sucks right? So make sure you have some sweets, you can get some chocolate if you want it as well. When I say sweets I mean something like wine gums, fruit pastels. Basically something that’s going to last, it’ll pass the time a little more and you won’t be paying £50 for a cheeky burger king between the two of you!

Now last thing, if you fancy going mad and really filling the car up with crappy food here’s a little list of stuff I love to treat myself with! Doritos’s, any pasty, biscuits and basically anything you can chuck in your basket!! However you’re going to need something to wash it down with right? That drink you got with the meal deal isn’t going to last all that long after all!

Here’s a tip, get a pack of cans. Last time we went on a road trip we picked up a pack of 6 Pepsi max for £3 which lasted the rest of the trip after we demolished the meal deal! You can stick them in the cup holder and grab them whenever you want them! To keep them from getting hot stick them in the back, behind a seat so you can reach them and chuck a coat on top so they’re not in the sun! You’re welcome.

You can, if you want just buy some bottles and have them along the way. I like cans though, they feel more fun as well when you’re on a road trip and they’re more accessible for the driver who isn’t having to fiddle about with a bottle cap and almost crash!

So there you have it, conclusion being get whatever the hell you want and have a fun journey. Make sure it’s not going to melt all over the place otherwise you’re going to be licking out a chocolate bag which is going to look horrible and possibly make you look like an animal; which doesn’t sound fun at all!

I’d like to point out that I’m not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned, I just love eating what they have to offer! Fun game, if you’re going on a long journey and an epic road trip soon let me know in the comments and I want to know what you normally take as snacks; unless you’re someone who spends a fortune at a service station!

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 Perfect Road Trip Snacks For Long Journeys!

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