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O’Donnell’s Amsterdam Pub Restaurant Review

A few years ago for our honeymoon, we came across O’Donnells and went in for some lunch. When we revisited Amsterdam we just knew we had to go back and see if they were still just as good as we remembered them, they were.

This pub has a great atmosphere, they serve great food and for a modest price compared to the other places in Amsterdam. It’s an Amsterdam restaurant that doesn’t charge a fortune. The only issue we found with O’Donnell’s was the location, it’s not very accessible on the tram so there will be some walking involved.

You’ll also want to make sure you don’t visit during peak times such as 12-1pm as this place does fill up fast and you might be waiting up to an hour for a table at some points, so plan ahead.

Amsterdam O’Donnell’s Pub Review

O’Donnell’s is a traditional Irish pub that you’ll find in almost every town in the world. In fact Amsterdam has more than one Amsterdam Irish pub but we’ve not been able to go in them all yet, but we will. They serve amazing food as well, they aren’t one of the cheapest places in Amsterdam but their prices are around average for the area.

As I said before, they do fill up fast. When we got there to eat we waited half an hour for a table. There were people standing next to tables to claim them, which I find rather rude and most of the time it makes me want to eat slower! We had a few bits from the O’Donnell’s menu and were mostly impressed.

I also love the aesthetic of the place. It’s so cosy, you could go with friends, a partner, like I did or the whole family. If you’re going with a large group it might be worth asking if you can book a table ahead of time, which they might not allow during busy periods so keep that in mind.

Amsterdam O’Donnell’s Pub Food Review

O’Donnell’s has a nice menu. We have tried their shepherd’s pie in the past which was amazing but this time we decided to go with the burgers as decent Amsterdam burger bars are hard to come by. Their cheeseburgers were very nice and probably one of the best burgers that we’ve had in Amsterdam so far.

The rest of their food was nice, such as the chips and onion rings. However, we were split on our opinions of the cheese spring rolls. One of us really liked them and the other not so much. They’re great if you like strong cheesy bits but not so much if you want to taste more than just cheese.

I’d say the food here is perfect if it’s raining outside, home cooked comfort food. As long as it’s not too busy you can sit down, enjoy good food and not worry about having to give your table away as soon as you think about leaving. That just shows how popular the Irisih pub O’Donnell’s Amsterdam is.

Irish Pub O’Donnell’s Amsterdam Prices

As I said before, the O’Donnell’s prices aren’t that bad. We paid €44 for everything we got and compared to other places, that’s cheap. We had two burgers, a starter and some drinks. We also included a €5 tip. I know a lot of people ask, should you tip in Amsterdam? Personally, we’ll always tip is the food and service is good, we tip in cash to ensure it goes to the server and that’s something we do everywhere. That being said, if the food sucks, if the service stinks or if we have to send stuff back, we normally don’t.

This isn’t a post on Tipping in Amsterdam though. This is to talk about the modest prices at O’Donnells’s Amsterdam. If you’re looking for a family friendly establishment where you can get great food, this is one of them. In the summer you can sit outside with a drink and relax.

Should You Visit O’Donnells Amsterdam?

Yes, totally yes. It’s really nice, the atmosphere is cosy and the food is great. If you’re looking to budget your trip to Amsterdam I’d suggest looking at the prices ahead of time and adding O’Donnells Amsterdam onto your list. We always put together an itinerary before we go on holiday and when we go back to Amsterdam, we will be going back to the Irish pub O’Donnells.