Harry Potter Inspired Mothers Day Gift Guide

Magical Harry Potter Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

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So we have a holiday coming up to Florida and you can bet that means we’re hitting Universal and giving the Harry Potter zone and good going over. My mum is also obsessed with Harry Potter and I thought, what better to write about! Let’s see what Etsy offers for Harry Potter fans who just so happen to be your mum!

I’ve picked some products that I personally love and some of which my mum can expect for Mother’s day. Don’t worry, I won’t tell her about this post. Take a look at some of the items below and let me know what you think in the comments! You can also take a look at the Editors Pick Page where they have loads of non Harry Potter related items on there for you to take a look at!

Harry Potter Mothers’ Day Gifts!

Take a look at some of these amazing products, honestly, I wish I could get most of these for myself because they’re amazing. Have you got Hogwarts Legacy yet? Just click on any of the headings and they’ll take you to the item you desire.

Harry Potter Inspired Wax Melts!

Aren’t these just super cute? I mean who doesn’t love wax melts? I have some in my office and I know my mum has some in her front room that she adores. These Harry Potter themed wax melts are perfect, they look the part and they’re better than any MLM rubbish you might come across. They’re also super affordable and the reviews on them speak volumes.

Harry Potter Inspired Cauldron Bath Bomb And Bracelet Gift Set

Who doesn’t love a nice, relaxing bath at the end of a hard day? These bath bombs are the perfect Harry Potter inspired gift that your mum is going to love on Mother’s Day! She’ll be able to relax with a magical twist, what’s not to love? They’re also affordable and it’s a nice little gift set with a bracelet included!

Fabric Harry Potter Themed Bookmark

We both love reading so you can bet your bananas that we’d love to get this bookmark! My mum also loves reading and every year we end up getting her books for Christmas that she loves. So why wouldn’t she want this amazing bookmark to help her save her place, she’s not a savage and folds the corners after all!

Witch Themed Chocolate Box Sweet Hamper

Sweets, chocolate and magic? Who wouldn’t want this? I can see my mum loving this that’s for sure. She’ll have to make sure she hides it from my younger brother though as he loves some magical chocolate. The only magical chocolate I seem to get makes me fat!

Harry Potter Inspired Hand made Wizard Wand

So it might not do the cooking, cleaning or washing up but it’s still just as fun. Does your mum like to display amazing things like a hand made Harry Potter inspired wand? If that’s the case, you should probably get her one of these and make sure she has an amazing Mother’s day!

Harry Potter Inspired Custom Gold Name Necklace

This necklace is made with the same font Harry Potter uses on their films etc. If your mum loves to show off the bling and that she’s a massive Harry Potter fan, maybe think about getting her this. You could always look at getting her a Harry Potter bracelet to match as well.

Harry Potter Inspired Personalised Wizard Family Print

Why not get her something that screams family, this personalised family wizard photo does just that. It is a digital download which in some ways makes it easier as you’re able to pick out your perfect frame and made sure it’s extra special for Mother’s day!

Mother’s Day Guides

I hope you found this Mother’s day gift guide helpful. I know there are loads out there and some are just rubbish but I thought a Harry Potter inspired one might be a little fun. Stay clear of the flowers from Tesco, no your mum doesn’t want a Milk Tray again this year and if you’re going to get a card get one that’s magical and fun like this Harry Potter inspired Mother’s day card!