La Voix, My First Ever Drag Act

La Voix, My First Ever Drag Act

Yes I’d never seen a drag act before, unreal right! Then again I’ve not seen one since either; I doubt anyone could compare if I’m honest! La Voix, you may notice her from Britians Got Talent? She’s pretty amazing it has to be said. Sometimes you have to take the plunge however and embrace the gay side of your life, not something I’m used to!

So on my little get away to Birmingham I thought what the heck, It was a shame Matt wasn’t there however I went out with a friend and was actually really excited, as soon as she burst on stage with the iconic “Let It Go” from the smash hit frozen I was hooked! I mean the whole show was amazing, funny and captivating but the singing was amazing, one of the best performances I’ve seen.

I have to point out as well that this was only in a club/pub place in the Birmingham gay village so it wasn’t huge, it was intimate and something that little get to experience, which is great as I hear she’s going onto so much bigger and better; I did see her a 2016 though!


As you can see she looked amazing, I could only dream of pulling a dress like that off; not that you’d ever get to see if I could! I have to admit the place got packed towards the end but I didn’t pay close attention to anyone else in the room, apart from one of her blonde helpers, not he wasn’t bad looking!

I loved it all that much I have one of her albums, signed hidden away. It’s not even been taken out the packet mind you, can’t spoil it. If you fancy it take a look on itunes as there’s a few songs on there you can have a sing along to, such as “Don’t Rain On My Parade” which is a firm favourite of mine!

So basically if La Voix is in a city near you don’t be an idiot and pass up the oppertunity to give her a watch. It doesn’t matter if it’s a concert hall or a small room in a pub, it will be amazing either way! Leave your heels at the door and put your smiles on for the show!


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