Kellys Kitchen Christchurh Cafe Review,

Kelly’s Kitchen Christchurh Cafe Review

We like to eat out that’s obvious from the blog. We don’t just like nice big fancy restaurants though, love having a bite to eat in a local cafe now and again and when we visited Christchurch back in April 2019 that’s exactly what we did. We decided to take a look in Kelly’s Kitchen, it looked really busy outside and inside and we had to wait a couple of minutes to get a table, so to use that was a great sign; we love to eat at places popular with the locals, that’s how you know the foods good.


If you’re local or you’ve been to Christchurch you’ll know that the town is really just one long street, full of coffee shops, charity shops and a few other random stores dotted all about. Kelly’s kitchen is in the middle of the highstreet on the right hand side.

It’s a lovely little area, easy to find and Christchurch can be one of the best places for a nice day out, even more so with the Christchurch food festival and the Christchurch market they have every week right along this street. There’s also loads of parking in Christchurch so you won’t be looking for a parking space for hours, unlike Bournemouth!


The menu is very much your standard cafe menu. They have jacket potatos, grilled sandwiches, baguettes and what looked like a really nice breakfast if the guys breakfast sat on the table next to us was anything to go by. We decided to go for a baguette each. I went with a tuna baguette and asked for cheese on it, which was no issue for them. Matt went with a chicken and bacon baguette.

Kelly's Kitchen Christchurh Cafe Review, tuna baguette
Kelly's Kitchen Christchurh Cafe Review, chicken and bacon baguette

Can’t say we had any issues with the food at all, typical cafe food. I will say one thing, I wish the servers would ask if we wanted salad with the baguettes, I know a few places have started doing this because not everyone is going to eat it and I hate to waste food, yet it’s not to my liking so I do end up leaving it. That being said the food was really nice, filling and I’d eat there again. I would have also liked some heinz salad cream, I know that sounds snobby but I can’t stand cheap salad cream, taste like vinegar!?


I’m always looking at how much money we spend, I don’t like to go over budget and I’d much rather find a good deal. So for two baguettes, a pepsi max and a pot of tea the grand total was £15.85. I don’t think it’s too expensive, restaurants in Christchurch can be really expensive and even other cafes in Christchurch as well. Thinking about how you can pay in Kelly’s Kitchen? We paid by card and I’m 100% certain they take cash!

They also have a promotion on at the moment, I’m not sure how long it will run for but it’s April 2019 at the moment. If you get there before 11am all breakfasts are half price, which I think is pretty great considering some of the local cafes don’t have anything like this going on that we could see.

Kelly's Kitchen Christchurh Cafe Review, early bird promotion

Kelly’s Kitchen Disabled Access & Facilities

Disabled Access

Disabled access is something we’re always looking for, there is disabled access to a point. You won’t be able to use half of the restaurant due to stairs if you’re in a wheelchair and that includes the toilets. I don’t remember seeing a disable toilet either, the toilets aren’t big enough for wheelchairs or people that need a bit of room, which is a big shame.


Kelly’s kitchen toilets are a hard pass, well they wern’t terrible compared to some other establishments I’ve been in but they wern’t perfect. If anything let the place down it was the toilets. I’m forever needing a wee, if you know me you’ll know how true that is! The toilets wern’t that clean, needed stocking better and I’d give them 3 cub paws out of 5 I’m afraid.

Kelly’s Kitchen Christchurch Customer Service

Can’t fault it, the girls who work there are amazing; I didn’t see any guys working there though. It’s a family run buisness, as the menu states and you can tell everyone gets along, again I really can’t fault the customer service one bit!

Kelly's Kitchen Christchurh Cafe Review, family cafe

What We Thought Of Kelly’s Kitchen

I really liked it, the food was standard for a high end cafe and wasn’t overpriced. I’d happily eat there again, Matt would take a little convincing however, I think the heinz salad cream was an issue. The facilities could have been better cleaned though, but the cafe was very busy and there’s only so much staff members can do without overdoing it. I’m going to give this place 4 cub paws out of 5, Matt says I should give it a three but I liked the food and customer service so a 4 it is!

Kelly's Kitchen Christchurh Cafe Review

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