It’s Time To Travel Again

With so much going on in the world over the past year, you have undoubtedly missed out on a few opportunities for travel and adventure. You may be more than ready to get back out there and explore the world. Even if the world is not quite ready itself, it is always time to plan your next trip and prepare for it. After all, you can’t stay home forever!

When you think about a vacation, do you long for lazy beach days (no judgment here)? Or, are you more than ready to stretch your legs and take in some amazing views while getting a heart-healthy workout? Check out this website for a host of trekking challenges with a purpose. The concept is a two-for-one opportunity. You get to raise money for your favorite cause and get challenges and exercise at the same time. You will find different challenges and routes across the globe to help you live a service-filled life. 

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Packing Tips

A packing list is necessary for any type of travel so that you do not forget the essentials. Check with your guide or tour company for any additional packing recommendations. Add a handful of these items that are beyond the regular packing list. You will be all set for adventure: solar phone charger, extra phone charging cord, indestructible case for your phone, small repair kit with Sugru, high-quality hiking socks, small first aid kit, sunscreen (regardless of temperature), reusable water bottle with clip or carabiner, waterproof bags for your phone, passport, identification, and money, hand sanitizer, and a portable trash bag. Also, even if you have been vaccinated, do not throw away your mask collection just yet. They can be useful if you are trekking in a location where there are a lot of allergens or dust. A bandana can be used for this purpose, too.

When you are on a trekking adventure, remember the adage, “Pack it in, pack it out.” It is crucial to clean up after yourselves and leave nature the way you found it for future generations to marvel at and learn about. With that in mind, only bring the necessities and what you can carry.

Here is a helpful backpack packing video. It includes more packing list items, as well.


It is essential to maintain your personal finances both before and during your holiday. You certainly do not want to stress about money when you are supposed to be actively de-stressing. Taking a few important steps will help you stay within your budget and still have a wonderful trip. Look at consistently high-expense parts of your trip such as the airport, and plan to bring items that you might usually purchase there. This is a good way to stay on the budget before the trip even begins. 

Get out there and enjoy your best life. As you have all witnessed from the past year, everyone has a plan, and plans change. Now is the time to make a new plan. While you are on your next adventure, do some good and make a difference in the world.

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