Gay Zante

Is Zante Gay Friendly?

As you might have realised we are a gay couple, two married guys who love to travel the globe. Whenever we visit somewhere we have to make sure it’s gay-friendly and that we’re not “illegal” in the country we want to visit. It sucks but thankfully it’s changing, slowly! That’s why we had to find out, is Zante gay friendly?

Is Zakynthos gay friendly? Yes.

I wanted to write this post for other gay travellers who are looking to go abroad in the summertime and enjoy themselves without hate or prejudice, we all want a nice holiday, right? So is Zakynthos gay-friendly, let’s find out, shall we?

When it comes to, whether is Zante gay-friendly, the answer from us would be yes. Although they don’t actively promote the LGBTQIA+ lifestyle on the island, it doesn’t mean you’re not welcome. I believe that in Zante everyone is welcome, the greek people are fabulous and we’ve never had any issues. There are some places where gay people are more accepted which you can find below.

Think of this post as a Zante Gay Guide, there’s not much to do on the island but it’s expanding every year and as we mentioned, Zante is very gay-friendly so you shouldn’t have any issues when you visit have a big gay zante holiday!

What To Do In Gay Zante?

I’m not going to lie, there isn’t loads to do on the island when it comes to being gay. Most of Laganas is still targeting straight tourists but that’s fine because you can still have a great time and we’re sure there are other gay people there as well.

If you’re visiting Laganas or Zante for your holiday, we’d suggest taking a look at Hotlips which is an iconic and very camp bar in Zante. Although it’s not an official gay club/bar it still has a majority base of gay customers and it’s the spot where all gays visit or must visit when on the island. After all where else are you going to find camp music like Lady Gaga and performances!!

When it comes to clubbing that’s all there is for the gay Zante scene I’m afraid. You’ll find that the Greek Zante folk are very welcoming though so you’ll feel at home anywhere you go.

Zante Gay Guide

You’ll have a great time on Zante if you’re gay. I would suggest going to Zante for the culture and the exploration instead of the minimal Zante gay scene. Although Zante is very welcoming, it doesn’t have much in the way of clubbing but it has a whole lot of history and other things to do.

You can book all your trips and explore Zakynthos to its fullest. You’ll also find that many shops actually sell rainbow or pride tourist gifts now and if that’s not amazing I don’t know what is.

So if you’re gay and want to visit Zakynthos, don’t hold back! It’s a lovely place, we’ve been as a couple four times now and although our fourth time was probably our last, we love it there and have never had any issues. We made many friends on the island and I’m sure any other gay travellers will as well.