Is The Hard Rock Cafe App Worth Downloading?

If you didn’t know, Hard Rock Cafe have their own app called Unity By Hard Rock and I’m going to talk about it a little. Spoiler, it has issues.

Is the hard rock cafe app any good? Not really. It’s full of bugs, there have been known issues such as not being able to log in, points not showing up and discounts not working. If you take a look at the apple reviews on the app you’ll quickly see that the app has several issues and people are not happy about it.

Issues With The Hard Rock App

The app Unity by Hard Rock has its issues. I’m going to outline the cons to the hard rock app below so that you can get a full view picture about it and make a choice on if you should download it or not.

Sign up and Log in issues. There have been multiple concerns raised about the fact people are unable to sign up to the app, can’t seem to log in even when they have an account or have actually had their accounts shut down with points on their accounts that they then can’t spend.

Discounts not working. Many people have said that they’ve had offers or discounts on their app but they just don’t work, which then means that the staff won’t accept them at the shops, restaurants or hotels. So if you’re banking on a discount or offer working you may have to get the manager or take the loss.

Glitches. With most apps there will be glitches, freezing of the app or just general bugs. However, this app is riddled with them, it shuts down at random times and it can be rather infuriating if you’re trying to use it while paying for a meal in front of people.

Missing points. The one thing that would really annoy me is the missing points. Thankfully, we’ve not had this issue but I know of some people that have. We don’t use the hard rock places enough to accumulate points, the points that you can collect aren’t worth that much either as they reset every January so you’d have to go at least once a month to get any benefit out of them.

Positives With The Unity By Hard Rock App

There are some pros to the Unity by Hard Rock app, it’s not all bad. That being said I won’t be downloading the app anytime soon.

Booking & Reservations. If you’re looking to make a Hard Rock reservation, this can be done on the app. I would probably advise phoning or emailing the restaurant in question to confirm but the app is a great place to start.

Points. Points are great if you visit any Hard Rock establishment frequently, you get points every time you spend and can use them for money off in the future. However, there is a catch because your points will reset in January and personally I don’t think that should be the case.

It’s free… Okay so that’s not really a pro but I wanted to at least write a little more about the Hard Rock cafe app and not just two pros but I’m afraid, the cons do kind of win.

Where To Download The Unity By Hard Rock Cafe App

As I mentioned before, the hard rock app is totally free so you don’t have to pay for it, how amazing is that! Just like all the other restaurant apps out there. I’m not sure why they market it as “free” when so many people hate it and have given it one star reviews.

You can download the Unity by Hard Rock app on the Play Store or the App Store either on Samsung or Apple devices. In fact, you can pretty much download it anywhere. If you download it, don’t forget to review it to let others know. Maybe it’s improved since all the negative feedback and the only way people will know is if you review it, go, review it, now!!

You can find more details on the app on the Hard Rock Cafe App website, it makes for an interesting read.