Paying for our last minute holidays answering surveys?!

How we pay for holidays using online surveys

2018 has been long, we’re only in April as well! This year with university and work we’ve not been able to have a last minute holiday. That’s why we plan to have one next year just before moving. However last minute holidays might seem fun, they can cost a pretty penny! Which is why we do last minute deals and get some amazing bargains. That being said, we still have to pay for it.

After following Emma Drew an amazing money blogger we’ve found a way that we can pay for our last minute holiday next year and not have to stress out in the process! We can do this by using Prolific! Say what? Prolific, it’s amazing and you can earn so much money by doing hardly anything! Otherwise I wouldn’t be promoting it would I?

What is it though?!

Good question, basically a survey website that actually pays you money! It’s pretty easy actually, follow the link that you can find on any prolific word through this blog post and make an account. You’ll need to enter you details and I’d advise signing up with an email because you never know what happens with social media these days! It shouldn’t take too long which is another thing I love!

Once you’re on you need to answer the pre assigned questions. This probably took the longest time through the whole process. They need to know who you are, what you’re like and your background. Otherwise the studies won’t be tailored to you and prolific won’t be able to give you anything and you’ll earn nothing!

However once you’ve done that you’ll start to see studies pop up! YAY!! They vary in time, I’ve done one that literally took 1 minute and I got paid 20p and then another that took me 45 minutes which gave me £7.50! Then the money you earn goes into your balance! It’s as easy as that!

Recommendation though!

You might be thinking, this is too good to be true though right? Why would prolific just give me money for answering a few studies. Well they get paid by the people uploading the studies for starters. Plus they take a fee every time you empty your balance. First of all you want to wait till you have over £20 before you cash out so that you can minimize all fees!

Secondly you want to have a circle account and not use PayPal. To cash out using circle you’ll pay 1% and a 10p fee! That’s not that much considering if you want to use PayPal you’re going to have to pay 2.9% with a 20p fee! You can see the difference, if you’re using the money to save up for a holiday then it’s going to make a difference after a while!

So my recommendation is to use Circle and not PayPal and to wait till you have a minimum of £20 before you cash out! It’s simple and thankfully that’s all there is to it. Sign up to prolific, answer the questions and studies and then make money and cash out with Circle! Simple and rewarding! Oh and Circle is an app and a website, just like PayPal so it’s really quite impressive! Of course we need to save up as much as possible to be able to bring you photos like the one below!

Matt and Louis outside Hollywood restaurant

Where are we going to go?!

Personally I’d like to go back to Benidorm! Even in February it’s nice and warm and not all that expensive. We could go for around £180 per person and that’s staying in a nice hotel and having some food included! I’ve managed to make £20 on prolific in the space of two weeks, which means that I’ll be well on my way by the time the year is up. I’ve also got Matt using his account as well to answer studies so we’re both able to earn!

So if you know someone who is looking to save money for whatever reason, send them this blog post and help them to save! If you click on the link they are referral links so I will earn a tiny, tiny bit of money at no cost to yourself! So you’ll be able to help me save even more!

Through this amazing website I’m going to hopefully post loads of content from our last minute trip when it happens, I’m going to hopefully take my drone, find some amazing restaurants to review and maybe a night club or two! So watch this space! I have a few comic conventions this year and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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How we manage to pay for holidays using online surveys



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