How To Save Money With The iamsterdam card, 72 hour iamsterdam city card pass

How To Save Money With The iamsterdam card

In our most recent trip to Amsterdam summer 2019 we were gifted with some amazing iamsterdam cards, the 72 hour iamsterdam cards each, so that we could show off how to save money in Amsterdam and how much money you could save with the card. With the amsterdam city card, we’ve been able to get into loads of Amsterdam attractions for free or with a discount off the price. We wanted to show how much money off Amsterdam attractions you could get by using an iamsterdam card as well! If you want to check out the iamsterdam card website please do!

The Amsterdam card can be used as an Amsterdam museum card, Amsterdam travel card and a Amsterdam city pass depending on where you use the card. We mainly used ours as an Amsterdam museum pass but here’s a list of places we used the i amsterdam card.

Where Can I Use The iamsterdam Card?

We used ours mainly at museums as I mentioned before but we also used them on public transport for the duration of our cards, here’s a list of the museums we visited and activities we took part in, free Amsterdam attractions with the iamsterdam card.

We the iamsterdam card we also managed to get discounts at the best Amsterdam attractions as well and saved even more money, however, we didn’t do many compared to the free Amsterdam trips.

With these free Amsterdam activities and free Amsterdam museum trips we managed to save a huge amount, the discounts also helped us to save even more on our Amsterdam holiday. In total, we managed to save €102.63 which is more than the amount the Amsterdam city card would have cost.

Where Can I Use The iamsterdam Card For Free?

There are loads of places you can use the iamsterdam card to get free entry into Amsterdam attractions. If you’re looking for places to visit in Amsterdam with this card you’ll be able to do even more. Below you can find a list of free Amsterdam tourist attractions you can get into with your iamsterdam card, however take a look at their website for more information!

  • Amsterdam pipe museum
  • Amsterdam museum
  • ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo
  • Cobra Museum of Modern Art
  • Cromhouthuis – Biblical Museum
  • Het Grachtenhuis – Museum of the Canals
  • Huis Marseille – Museum for Photography
  • Lovers Canal Cruises

As you can see there are loads of places you can get into for free in Amsterdam outside and inside of the main tourist areas. I’ve seen a lot of travel cards however this has to be one of the best, the Amsterdam travel card lets you into so many places, you’ll soon make the money back you’ve spent on the card!

Where Can I Get A Discount With The iamsterdam Card?

With the iamsterdam card, you’re also able to get discounts on various places, again check out their website for full details. There may also be time restrictions on the discount, we found that when we visited a restaurant we could only use the card in the morning, which was a shame as it was lunch time and not breakfast. Below you can find a list of places you can get a discount in Amsterdam for.

  • Pancakes Amsterdam (25% discount before 1pm)
  • Bicycle rental & bike tours (25% off bike rental)
  • Madame Tussauds Amsterdam (25% off ticket price)
  • Red Light Secrets (25% off ticket price)

i amsterdam Card Where To Buy ??

This was the question we had and it took us ages to find the place! We purchased our iamsterdam card in the Amsterdam centraal station although you can also pick up your card from the Amsterdam Schiphol airport as well.

The iamsterdam card pick up location also has a really nice gift shop where you can get unique gifts and also generic tourist items that you can take back to your loved ones when you go back home. I have to say the staff are really nice and helpful at the store as well and if you have any issues they’re more than happy to give you the Amsterdam information you need.

How To Save Money With The iamsterdam card, iamsterdam gift shop, iamsterdam card pick up location

How Much Is The iamsterdam Card?

I know I’ve heard some people talk about the iamsterdam card saying that it’s too expensive. I’d like to suggest planning your time in Amsterdam first and figuring out everything you want to do. If it’s cheaper, in the long run, to get the card, go get it. Here are the current iamsterdam city card prices, June 2019. You’ll note that the higher amount of time you get the better saving you’re going to benefit from. I should also note that the card is active after the first time you use it and then you have however long you had the card for.

  • 24 hours – €60
  • 48 hours – €80
  • 72 hours – €93
  • 96 hours – €105
  • 120 hours – €115


If you’re looking at having an amazing time on your Amsterdam holiday and want to get loads down I’d suggest getting the iamsterdam card in a heartbeat. You’ll save loads of money, as you can see we saved money in Amsterdam and if it wasn’t for the fact we went to see Take That in concert on the Monday we would have done even more and saved even more. Don’t forget to check out their website for more information, you can also download the iamsterdam city card mobile app as well for additional information on your travels.

How To Save Money With The iamsterdam card

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