How To Plan The Ideal Family Holiday

Knowing you want to go on a fantastic family holiday in 2022 is one thing, and it’s a good start, but if you want that holiday to be a truly wonderful experience for everyone, it’s important to start planning as early as you can. Not only does this extend the holiday feeling for longer, but it also means that you can find the ideal accommodation, flights that leave and return when you want them to, and you get to know exactly what you can do once you arrive at your intended destination. Here are some valuable tips for planning the ideal family holiday so that you can really enjoy it when you go. 


Even if you already know you want to look at holidays in a specific country or even a particular place within that country, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t research your holiday in full. If you have decided on exactly where you are going, and possibly what type of accommodation you are going to stay in, such as an Ocean Florida villa, there are still plenty of other things to think about, and the more research you do at the start, the better prepared you will be when you arrive. 

Not only this, but researching a family holiday is fun, and it’s something that everyone can get involved with. Give the children a job each to do and send them off to do research if they are old enough to do this themselves (for example, you might give the task of searching for excellent restaurants to one child and family activities to another). If they are too young to look for themselves, then have them with you when you are looking so that they can give an opinion and explain why they think something is a good idea or not. 

Since you are all going on this fantastic family holiday, you all must have a say. Don’t let the children dictate every aspect of the trip, though; you need to do things that you want to do too, otherwise you won’t feel the benefit by the time you return. 

Think About Previous Holidays 

It can be extremely useful to think about any previous holidays you have been on, either together or separately, and use those as the basis for this new one that you are planning. The previous holidays don’t have to have been taken in the same place as where you are thinking of going this time because you are not looking to replicate the holiday exactly beat for beat in most cases; even if you are, looking back is a useful exercise to engage in. 

Thinking of other holidays you have been on and determining what you enjoyed about them – and what you didn’t enjoy – will give you a sound basis for working out what you want to do, and perhaps even where you want to go, on this one. If you liked the sunshine of somewhere you went before, and therefore want a beach holiday, but didn’t like the long transfer from the airport to your villa or hotel, then you know you need to search for a resort that is closer to the airport (although not so close that you will be disturbed by the planes). 

Make a list of the pros and cons of your previous holidays, and then ensure that the one you’re booking fits in with your ideals. 

Think About Your Family 

When it comes to working out the best family holiday you can have, it is your family – as a whole – that you need to consider. You should think about what is going to suit them best, and ensure that no matter what destination, what type of accommodation, what cuisine you will find when you get there, the weather, what there is to do, and everything else that comes together to create a fabulous holiday is going to be suitable for the entire party. 

Things to think about include:

  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Ages
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Any medical conditions or disabilities

Making sure that these factors, and anything else that is of significance to your family, is considered before you book your holiday or start planning will make it much easier to determine what you want and will ensure that everyone is included from the start. 

Try Something Different 

It can be very easy to book the same holiday year after year, which can be absolutely fine – if you enjoyed yourself, then it makes sense to go back. Yet it is always worth looking at something different and deciding whether it would be fun to try it before booking. If you love the city or town you are heading to, why not try a different style of accommodation, for example, and opt for self-catering instead of all-inclusive? Or go for something entirely different and then compare the two holidays so that you know what you really want to do in the future. 

If no one is keen to try something different, then of course, stay with what you know and love, but it can’t hurt to ask the question, just in case. You could be missing out on something incredible. 

Create A Countdown 

After you have booked your holiday and paid your deposit, you might think that the only thing you really need to countdown to is the date you need to pay the balance, and perhaps when you should start packing. 

Make it all much more exciting by having a countdown that the kids will love too. Start at about ten weeks to go and create a chart that the weeks can be ticked off on, perhaps every Monday morning. Within that chart can be instructions such as ‘find your passport’ or ‘buy a new swimming costume’. Make it fun, and the excitement will build up, but you’ll also get lots of preparation done in plenty of time, and the children will help you do it all in the name of the family holiday. 

Try The Food 

Although it won’t be exactly the same as the food you have on your holiday, it’s a good idea to get everyone used to the cuisine in your destination by trying it in advance in local restaurants. If you’re going to Spain, you can go for tapas, for example, or if you’re heading to Italy, you can make sure everyone understands Italian food is more than just pizza. The earlier you can do this, the more you will get to experience, making the holiday itself that much easier. 

Think About Packing 

Because there is so much to do while travelling with a family, worrying about luggage limitations and allowances will only serve to ruin your vacation. When planning a trip, be sure to check your airline’s luggage and electrical appliance limits, as well as any restrictions on liquids. When you’re packing, make sure everything is in order to prevent any delays at the airport. Having a few extra pieces of clothes in your carry-on baggage, such as swimwear and a spare outfit for the children, is a smart idea in the event that your suitcase is lost or stolen.

Also, leave plenty of time for shopping. You might think you have all the clothes you need at home, but children grow very quickly, and although adults can wear the same clothes year in, year out (if they want to), it’s unlikely your children will be able to. They might need an entirely new wardrobe, and it’s best to check this earlier than a few days before you travel so you have time to buy what you need without panicking.