Build Your Own Holiday To Save You Money

Going on holiday is always the highlight of the year, especially if you have been saving up and looking forwards to a nice week or two abroad somewhere. The only problems with holidays is that they can end up being very expensive and in all fairness, depending how you have done your holiday, it can work out very expensive.

Well we have found a way to build our own holidays abroad and actually save us a lot of money in the long run, all you have to do is actually plan and work out how you are doing what you are doing.

For the past couple of years, we have stopped going to the high street travel agent and building our own holidays and it has saved us anywhere between £600 and £1200 on our holiday.

So first of all, when we are planning my holiday, we always go back to our bucket list, look at some places and decide where we fancy doing, the process is always the same no matter where we plan to go, the only thing you need to think about in addition to the next steps is your transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.

How to plan and build your holiday

So if you are wondering what we do, well we follow these simple steps to plan our holidays.

  1. Decide on where we are going to go.
  2. Look at the travel agents, just to get a price and see how much we can beat there price by.
  3. Set a budget for the actually holiday, don’t include any spending money.
  4. Decide on the dates, but keep in mind you may have to look a few days before or after your ideal date.
  5. Then check SkyScanner for Flights
  6. Check for the hotel and check the reviews on TripAdvisor
  7. Book the flights and hotel.
  8. Then enjoy the holiday.

Now that all sounds so simple, and in all fairness it is, building your own holiday doesn’t have to be hard work. The hard work starts when you are looking for the best deals available and obviously keeping within your budget.


Now before we even book anything through any site, we always have a look on TopCashBack and see if the website is on there and what cash back we can get. Now TopCashBack is one of our favourite sites for getting a little of cash back from our spending, sometimes they don’t give much back, BUT something is better than nothing in our opinion. At the moment you will get 15p back from booking on SkyScanner, we know that isn’t loads but it really is something, if you use TopCashBack a lot, then it will make a difference.

When it comes to you can get 10% back on your hotel booking, so that can seriously be a few ££ back in your pocket and makes using TopCashBack that more attractive.


SkyScanner is a fantastic website where you can look at flights to your destinations, find the best flight and deals available, this alone will save you money instead of going to the travel agents. You will need to pay for the flights straight away, so make sure you have a debit or credit card to do so. and TripAdvisor

Now when we go on holiday, we always look for the bets hotel that we can within our budget and within the distance that we want from usually the city centre. Once we have found our top 3 hotels, this is where the research element starts. You HAVE TO research the hotel on TripAdvisor, see what other people are saving about the hotel and area, that way you know if you are going to go to a nice hotel or not. Don’t just take the first review, have a look over a few reviews before making your final decision.

Now with there are a couple of options with booking the hotel, some hotels request that you pay for the hotel in full straight away, but some hotels and deals allow you to not pay until you have arrived for check in at the hotel, this can be very handy if you are a little short on the cash front when you are making the booking. It does make it so much easier. We have used both in the past.


Once you are happy with the flights and hotel, get booking and don’t forget TopCashBack. Then all you need to do is actually enjoy your holiday. Work hard, keep saving and once the holiday comes around you will be able to enjoy a nice break.

We saved £600 on a weeks holiday to Benidorm, we found a crazy deal for 2 people for 1 week, bed, breakfast and evening meal for the princely sum of £400 total price not each!! We even went to a travel agents and they told us that it would be a minimum of £400 per person but when they actually looked into it, it was nearly £1,000.

When we booked to go to Bangkok, the hotel cost us £900 for 2 weeks and that was in a 4 star hotel, while we were there, we found out, if we had gone through a travel agents, it should have cost us £3,500, so we really did get lucky here. Why not give it a go yourself and tell us where you are going and how much you saved.

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How to Make Your Own Holiday on a Budget



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