How To Find Cheap Hotels In Amsterdam – Budget Amsterdam Hotels

So Amsterdam is one of our favourite places to visit and we’ve been a few times now. We can’t get enough of it although one thing is always at the top of our list, finding cheap Amsterdam hotels. I’ve written about saving money in Amsterdam which has really come in handy!

One thing that’s a bit of a downer when it comes to Amsterdam are the prices of accommodation over there, add the city tax on top and you’re out of pocket by quite a bit! There are loads of Amsterdam hotels to pick from, you’re not always getting the best price.

When looking for hotels in Amsterdam there are a few things I’d suggest doing, if you want to save money booking Amsterdam hotels or even get cashback from booking Amsterdam hotels, this is the article for you!

A cheap Amsterdam holiday I’m afraid is a thing of the past but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money on your Amsterdam accommodation.

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How To Find Cheap Hotels In Amsterdam - Budget Amsterdam Hotels
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Cheap Amsterdam Hotels

I know a lot of people have their favourite hotels when they go on holiday, however that doesn’t mean they’re the best or the cheapest. If you want a cheap hotel Amsterdam then there are a few little ways you can get this!

So for Amsterdam hotels cheap then you’re going to want to compare hotel prices and there’s a few websites that you can do this on.

They’re all super easy to use, type in where you want to go and I’d always advise filters, if you want 3-5 stars make sure that’s stated, sort from price low to high and look at reviews on anywhere you like the look of before booking!

There are other websites out there but I don’t use them so I really can’t recommend them. I will say that as far as I know Skyscanner and can both give you cheap Amsterdam holidays as they both offer Amsterdam flights and hotels.

Cheap Amsterdam Hotels
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Cheap Amsterdam City Breaks – Save Money On Hotel Bookings

If you’re booking a spare of the moment short trip to Amsterdam then you might not have loads of money at your disposal. That’s why I love getting cashback on my bookings to Amsterdam and all other places as well.

There are various websites out there that will give you cashback on your purchases, which means if you’re looking for Amsterdam hotels near the city centre and it’s £100 you can earn up to 10% on your booking, making you a little money.

I prefer TopCashBack if I’m honest as they seem to have the best cashback rates, that being said sometimes Quidco will have retailers on them that TopCashBack doesn’t so it’s always good to check!

I like to save all my money on these cashback websites and use them for either Christmas gifts towards the end of the year or put it towards spending money for another holiday.

Cheap Amsterdam City Breaks - Save Money On Hotel Bookings
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Amsterdam Hostels

One way to save money when you book to visit Amsterdam would be staying in a hostel. I know a hostel isn’t for everyone but there are advantages to staying in hostels when you travel.

There are many hostels in Amsterdam and you’ll find they’re a lot more affordable than most hotels in Amsterdam by far, but always make sure you read the reviews before you book.

With cheap Amsterdam hostels you’ll get a range of perks and I don’t mean from the accomadation. You’ll meet new people, brush up on your social skills and make new friends, possibly for life?

You’re more likely to discover more in Amsterdam as you’re talking to others and finding out what they’ve done. I know hostels such as the flying pig hostel Amsterdam is situated around some amazing places to visit.

Hostels are cheap, some of them can be a little drab but overal as long as you’re careful you’ll find out so much more about the place you’re staying and save money in the process.

Let me know if there’s a budgt Amsterdam hotel you love staying in or if you have your favourite hostel that you can’t wait to book as soon as you get home!?

Amsterdam Hotels City Centre

If you’re looking for cheap hotels in Amsterdam city centre you might be out of luck. The closer you go to the centre, the more likely the price is going to increase as it’s more sought after.

Hotels in the centre of Amsterdam are also known to get fully booked months in advance so if you want to book a last-minute Amsterdam holiday, you might want to think about booking outside of Amsterdam town.

One of our favourite hotels in Amsterdam is the The Conscious Tire Station Hotel where we have now stayed twice and would love to go back after 2020 and 2021 are out the way!

I also can’t stress this enough, read the reviews before you book anywhere! There will be reviews on any website you book through and never forget to check Tripadvisor or Yelp!

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