How To Eat For Less When You’re On Your Travels

There are many expenses associated with travelling, from the cost of aeroplane flights to expensive hotel prices. It’s enough to make your stay at home, especially if you’re on a limited budget.

Thankfully, there are ways to save on travel, as you can see from our linked article. A little bit of research online and elsewhere on our website will also point you towards a few good ideas. 

One common expense is food, as you will obviously need to eat while you’re away. If you’re reliant on restaurant meals every day, you will eat up your travel budget. But there are ways to eat for less, as we highlight below. 

#1: Stay somewhere with a kitchen

Many hostels come with a kitchen, and you will usually have access to a kitchen if you stay in an Airbnb. Not only are these places cheaper than most hotels, but you will also have the opportunity to cook your own food. Simply stock up on your food essentials from your local grocery store or street market, and prepare your own lunches and evening meals. 

#2: Sample local street food

When travelling to any town or city, you will find street vendors selling their foods to both locals and tourists. Street food is always cheaper than restaurant food and it’s a fantastic way to sample local specialities. Of course, you might be worried about food poisoning, as there is always the risk of hygiene being an issue at some food stands. However, if you notice some vendors are more popular than others, this is usually a good sign that their food is both delicious and safe to eat.

#3: Go fishing

You don’t need to buy food if you know how to catch your own. If you’re camping outdoors or staying near any fishing areas, you could cook your own fish dinners if you know how to catch a fish. Armed with the best carp gear and fishing lines, you could enjoy your day outdoors and benefit from the fruits of your labours! 

#4: Barter at food markets

Buying from a food market is often cheaper than buying from a store. This is especially true when you’re in a country where bartering is considered the norm. Provided you can speak the lingo, you will have the opportunity to make savings if you have the courage to ask for deals. This is also something you should do for any of your other purchases, such as items of clothing, decor, handicrafts, and any other things you might find at a street market. Check out these haggling tips if you need a little help in this area and role play with your friends if you want to practice before doing it for real. 

#5: Avoid touristy areas

Shops, stalls, and restaurants that cater to tourists will always be more expensive so head off the beaten path. Visit the places where local people frequent as the food you find will often be more authentic and at a cheaper price. Ask for recommendations from any local people you befriend or simply follow in their footsteps during mealtimes. 

Thanks for reading!